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How to Add a Private Channel to a Roku 3

Channels make your Roku 3 the entertainment powerhouse it is. You have to install the right channel to stream Netflix, listen to Pandora or play "Angry Birds." You’ll find hundreds of options in the Channel Store on your device, or through the Channels section of the Roku site.

But many more exist that you won't find listed there. These are called private channels — they are real channels, but Roku doesn't promote them. Often created by independent developers, they can help round out your channel lineup. 

Here's how you add a private channel.

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1. Find the channel access code by searching on such sites asRokuGuide For example, the channel access code for NoWhere TV (a streaming TV channel) is H9DWC.

2. Visit (opens in new tab). NOTE: You'll need to have an account on the Roku site and link your Roku 3 to the account.

3. Click Manage Account > "Add a Private Channel."

4. Insert the channel access code.

5. Confirm you want to add a channel.

6. Click "Return to My Account."

7. Open the Roku Channel Store to find the added channel. NOTE: You may need to force your channel list to update for the channel to appear in your Channels list. To do this on your Roku 3, go to the Settings menu and select System update.

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