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Smartphone Concept Features Rotating Twin Displays

Designed by Abhi Muktheeswarar, the "Rotatable Twin Touch Display Mobile Phone", is an interesting phone concept that gives users more freedom than any smartphone out there. With two capacitive touch screen displays, users are able to have virtual keyboards, gamepads, and menus that don't interrupt browsing or gaming.

The device's design is a bit reminiscent of T-Mobile's Sidekick, with its rotating screen and keyboard. Users are able to position the two screens into whatever is comfortable and convenient for their phone usage. Since the primary use of the secondary screen seems to be a virtual keyboard, we're having a bit of a hard time seeing the benefits of using a second touch screen rather than a physical keyboard.

Sure the screen could be used for more than a virtual keyboard, but one touchscreen already eats up enough battery power. Having two screens could become quite detrimental to the phone's battery life. Be sure to check out Tuvie's article for more renders of the concept.