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Another Look at the Gorgeous Nokia Lumia 900 LTE Phone

It took Nokia a while to get itself geared up for its transition to Windows Phone, but it appears that the Finnish company is ready to make 2012 a banner year. It started off CES with the announcement of the Lumia 900, and we stopped by the booth to see the upcoming flagship device.

Despite the relatively modest specifications of even the newest Windows Phones, the mobile OS has been optimized for the single-core architecture so well that it's easily among the most smooth and pleasant experiences.

Yes, the single-core configuration of the Lumia 900 may not make it any more impressive than other Windows Phones, but its design is only equaled by the Lumia 800 (and by extension, the Nokia N9). See this for more on how Nokia designed and makes the Lumia 800 and N9.

The Lumia 900 does it better than the 800 with LTE support, a front facing camera, an 8MP shooter, and a bigger screen, which is notably not PenTile in pixel configuration.

We find the polycarbonate build of this design family gorgeous, so we can't wait to see more of the Lumia 900.