Nanocoating Makes Your Electronics Completely Waterproof

If it hasn't already happened to you, it has certainly happened to somebody you know. Whether its a phone dropped into the toilet or a drink spilled onto a laptop, we have all become far too familiar with the dangers of mixing water and electronics. Some gadgets are engineered to be protected from water damage, but most aren't.

Liquipel Nanocoating

Luckily for all of the poor electronics being soaked in water around the world, Liquipel has created an innovative nanocoating solution that can completely waterproof a large variety of devices, completely protecting them accidental water spills and dips. The nanocoating is completely invisible to the human eye and undetectable to the touch. Unlike bulky waterproof cases, Liquipel's nanocoating is 1000x thinner than human hair, which means it'll basically be impossible to notice while its on your device. The downside to all of this is that you have to send your device in to Liquipel to have it nanocoated. Unfortunately the company is no longer nanocoating devices being sent to them, but we're hoping the technology will be available commercially later this year. Head on over to Liquipel's website for more information and updates.

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  • eiskrystal
    So..... how does it protect the connection points? Yknow, the bits most likely to allow water in.
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  • volks1470
    That's so awesome i think it's not real....but it is O.o
  • hannibal
    The only "problem" with this coating is that it wears out in use, but it still is good addition to the device protection!
    So there is still place "real" robust phones even after this invention. It would be nice to see if and how IP67 compatible device would benefit from nano coating? And does this allso mean that we will get a lot of devices that will offer IP67 compability for short time and lose it after the coating wears of? It could be guite big marketing hoax.
  • gogogadgetliver
    Unfortunately the coating can only be applied to materials that are already waterproof.

    Surface repulstion may prevent water from reaching some gaps but you'll still need good old gaskets.