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BlackBerry Creative Director Caught Tweeting from iPhone

During last month's BlackBerry 10 event, Alicia Keys' music was chosen when demonstrating certain features and eventually the reason for this was revealed. Later on in the event, the company announced that the singer had been hired as the company's new global creative director. At the time, many people wondered whether Alicia's role at the event was a genuine effort to help BlackBerry on the road to 'cool' or if it was just another superficial celebrity endorsement. While that question still remains, it's safe to say Alicia isn't completely exclusive in her love for the Z10.

AppleInsider reports that a tweet recently appeared on Alicia's timeline that had been sent from an iPhone. The tweet in question wasn't all that interesting, just some Drake lyrics, but the fact that it was sent from an iPhone definitely was interesting to some. Despite the fact that most of her followers likely don't know (or care) that she's supposed to be all about the Z10 nowadays, Keys deleted the 'via Twitter for iPhone' tweet. What's more, another tweet appeared claiming she had been hacked and remains on her feed.

"What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked... I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet :-(" she wrote.

Beyond that, she hasn't commented on her use of an iPhone though she was actually questioned on it on BB10 launch day. Someone at the New York event noticed that she had been using an iPhone as recently as a week before the launch and asked her what phone she had been using during her break from RIM/BlackBerry devices. According to TechCrunch, Keys said it wasn't important what phone she had been using. Something tells us it matters a great deal more now.

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  • master_chen
  • kenyee
    LOL. I vote fire her. MegaFAIL :-)
  • Tekkaman
    Yeah because everybody uses a single phone/OS.

    Oh wait.

    Someone call Woz and see who cares.
  • keither5150
    She is too stupid to be a director of anything. That is like a creative director for Ford, driving a Toyota. People that work for companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Rim..... should be instantly fired for using the competitions products. Not fired for actually using them, fired for being too stupid to know why it's wrong.

    Blackberry may be in trouble. You would think that this would be clearly spelled out for Miss Keys.

    This made my day
  • sylvez
    Nobody said she HAS to use the Blackberry.
    But the fact that she accepted the contract to be BlackBerry's ambassador means that she CANNOT be caught like this - it will only tarnish Blackberry's reputation.
    This isn't an advertisement. This is a JOB.
    Her JOB is to promote Blackberry, not make 'oopsies' like these then try to cover them up.
    Then what's the point of spending those dollars on her?

  • keither5150
    I would have great respect for Rim if they fired her. That would show that Rim has stones.
  • frank_drebin
    what blackberry? people still using this outdated techmology :)
  • sundragon
    Bwhahahaha, fail!

    Well - How about just building a better product that people will use - Google, Apple, and MS all manage to get by without celebrity (who have no IT knowledge) spokespeople...
  • Northwestern
    frank_drebinwhat blackberry? people still using this outdated techmologyWhat about spelling? People still failing at this?
  • raytseng
    frank_drebinwhat blackberry? people still using this outdated techmology
    You pecked out that message on your iphone or android's virtual keyboard I assume.