Samsung 2024 TV lineup to include 360 audio headphones support

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Samsung is injecting a multitude of audio upgrades into several of its devices, main among them being 360 Audio via headphones for its 2024 TV lineup

The TV manufacturer announced the news in a blog post on Tuesday, citing AI-powered and hands free upgrades that will make Galaxy Buds all the more streamlined. 

The post denotes the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds with a TV, specifically with Auracast and 360 Audio immersion baked in. 

As expected, due to Samsung’s continued efforts on the Project Caviar front, these new audio upgrades won’t include Dolby Atmos support as the tech conglomerate is working on its own open-source audio codec. 

Samsung 2024 TVs sing in 360 Audio

“Previously supported on phones and tablets, 360 Audio will now be available for TVs, providing a theater-like experience at home. Galaxy Buds will also be able track your head movement to create a truly immersive soundscape."


Samsung has announced a new range of audio upgrades slated for its devices, with the key one being headphone-based 360 audio support bound for its 2024 Neo QLED and OLED TVs. 

Users will be able to leverage Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones to experience the immersive audio enhancement. A firmware update is slated to land sometime in late February for the audio devices, after which consumers will just have to wait for Samsung’s new 2024 TVs to launch in March or April. 

Here are all the Samsung 2024 TVs that will come with 360 audio support:

  • Samsung S95D
  • Samsung S90D
  • Samsung S85D
  • Samsung QN900D
  • Samsung QN800D
  • Samsung QN95D
  • Samsung QN90D
  • Samsung QN85D

Samsung did not relay which streaming applications will be capable of leveraging the 360 audio upgrade, though the firm may wait to announce this upon the release of its 2024 TV lineup.

It’s important to note that Dolby Atmos will not be supported alongside the 360 audio upgrade. Samsung and Google are working together to deliver an open source iteration of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, called  ‘Immersive Audio Model and Formats’ (IAMF). 

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