We asked non-Apple fans what they think of Vision Pro — and their first reactions are surprising

People try Apple Vision Pro
(Image credit: Future)

"This is the future!"

"I would use it to watch the Taylor Swift movie."

"Probably the best headset I've used."

These are some of the responses from people — specifically, people who wouldn't consider themselves devotes fans of Apple devices — as they tried Apple Vision Pro for the very first time. 

We've had the Apple Vision Pro for a few weeks now, and have become pretty familiar with the key perks like watching movies in 3D and launching a virtual MacBook monitor from anywhere. We even have a few favorite Apple Vision Pro apps so far.

In most ways, Apple Vision Pro lived up to the expectations that were set when the product was revealed last summer. But we wanted to know what people who haven't been following the Vision Pro hype think of the headset now that's it on display at Apple Stores.

So, we brought five people into our studio to try Apple Vision Pro for the first time. We walked them through setup in Guest Mode, where you can let others who aren't fitted for your Light Seal experience Apple's mixed reality world. Once acquainted with the controls, we had them browse spatial photos, give VR games a go, explore Environments and more. From immersing themselves in dynamic images of dogs to scrolling websites to landing on the moon, these folks got a good taste of what the headset has to offer.

As part of the experiment, we asked our volunteers what they think of the device's comfort, interface and general performance. Of course, we also had to know what they think of the controversial $3,500 price tag. (And how much they would spend to get their own Vision Pro.)

If you want to know what people *really* think of Apple Vision Pro based on their first reactions, you'll have to watch our full YouTube video embedded above. You can also click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Kate Kozuch

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