iPhone 14 Pro — these are the 3 rumors I’m most excited about

iphone 14 pro render
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Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 14 in just a few hours (check out our Apple event live blog for all of the latest news), so I wanted to take a look at all of the latest rumors to see which ones excite me the most. I have three in mind that have me very interested in the iPhone 14 Pro.

We expect there to be four models this year: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus/Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The non-Pro models don’t appear to have many upgrades in the works according to rumors, not even the new A16 Bionic chipset. But it’s the Pros that have me intrigued.

So here are the three top rumors that have me most excited for the launch event today.

Bigger battery

Rumor has it that the iPhone 14 Pro will get a larger battery, clocking in at 3,200 mAh or so. That’s a modest bump over the iPhone 13 Pro, but I love the idea all the same. The iPhone 12 Pro’s battery life was far from ideal, so when Apple boosted the capacity for the follow-up, the difference became extremely noticeable.

Even with the 120Hz ProMotion display, I expect the iPhone 14 Pro to go the distance.

I doubt there will be something so monumental this year, but a larger capacity combined with the A16 Bionic’s rumored efficiency gains will likely spell a longevity beast. Even with the 120Hz ProMotion display, I expect the iPhone 14 Pro to go the distance among the phones with the best battery life.

I can already go about two days on a single iPhone 13 Pro Max charge — longer if I’m careful — and I hope to be able to continue to do that when I upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Always-on display

iPhone 13 always-on display concept

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Just like you'll find on the best Android phones, I’ve wanted an always-on display, or AOD, ever since Apple switched to OLED panels for the iPhone. This is a lower-power mode that shows basic information, such as the time, weather and so on. The iPhone 13 was rumored to get it, but it was a no-show. Now, the rumors have picked up again that the iPhone 14 Pro will get AOD.

In fact, many of the rumors say that the iPhone 14 Pro’s AOD will look like the new iOS 16 lock screen. So whatever widgets you have applied should carry over to the AOD. Since I have weather, calendar, and my home’s climate controls on my main lock screen, I’m excited to see all of that information at glance.

Camera upgrades

Finally, one of the big rumors is that the iPhone 14 Pro will get a main camera upgrade from 12MP to 48MP. The quadruple resolution isn’t just for show, we hear, since most images from the main camera will come out to 12MP. However, the extra resolution should allow the iPhone 14 Pro to shoot better photos in the dark and otherwise unfortunate lighting conditions. 

a render of the rumored iPhone 14 Pro

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The iPhone 13 Pro already does well in low-light photography — in fact, it's one of the best camera phones you can buy right now — but I think I generally prefer the Pixel 6 Pro’s Night Sight to Apple’s Night mode. Images tend to come out clearer and sharper, with better colors and dynamic range. Noise is still a problem for both the Pixel and iPhone, but that’s more manageable in post.

So I’d really like to see the iPhone 14 Pro take the crown for night photography. With the A16 Bionic’s AI efficiency and the larger main sensor, I think it’s possible.

iPhone 14 Pro outlook

I will know in a few hours to see if my hopes for the iPhone 14 Pro come true. I expect the battery life is a given at this point, but I’m also pretty sure about AOD and the 48MP main camera. The latter would make a lot of sense given that Samsung and Google use higher-resolution sensors on their top-tier handsets.

We’ll be covering the whole Apple event in its entirety, so be sure to check out our live blog for all of the latest updates. And if you’re curious about everything we know about the iPhone 14 Pro, then head over to our iPhone 14 Pro hub for more information.

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