YouTube TV just got tipped to get a powerful split-screen upgrade

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An upcoming YouTube TV update is reportedly adding a feature that will allow viewers to view four streams simultaneously.

According to Protocol, "Mosaic Mode" will divide screen into quadrants displaying up to four live feeds — similar to Fubo's already-existing Multiview option. The ability to watch split screens is particularly ideal for sports fans, who can monitor several games at the same time.

The feature was shared last month with hardware manufacturers by YouTube representatives at an internal event for the Android TV and Google TV platforms. 

YouTube TV is one of best cable TV alternatives and a great choice for cord-cutters who still want to access live TV. Not only does it offer 85-plus channels and unlimited cloud DVR for $65, it boasts numerous features that make watching TV easier. TG's Malcolm McMillan recently raved about the service's Key Plays, video highlights of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football and college basketball games. 

Split-screen viewing (which is not the same as picture-in-picture) now makes it an even better option for sports fans. In a quest to cut the cord, TG's Henry T. Casey called it "the absolute best thing about fuboTV."

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He added, "It's clever, and I don't know why every service doesn't have this feature at this point." 

Now, YouTube TV has answered the call. And at a price lower than rival Fubo, which starts at $70 per month. The update including Mosaic Mode is expected to roll out in the coming months.

Protocol is also reporting that YouTube will soon better support YouTube Shorts, the company's answer to TikTok. Currently, the smart TV app doesn't surface the brief videos to viewers and the mobile app can't cast to the screen. An update is going to change all of that. Protocol notes that a leaked presentation slide shows that vertical videos will be centered on screen with details and thumbs up/down buttons on the side. 

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