Xbox Series X restock in GameStop stores today — what you need to know

Xbox Series X restock
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The next Xbox Series X restock could come courtesy of GameStop, with more of Microsoft's consoles tipped to hit the retailer today (June 16). 

That’s going by a GameStop tweet that mentioned today's in-store restock. Meanwhile, PS5 and Xbox Series X restock tracker extraordinaire Matt Swider over at our sibling site TechRadar reports that people are already queuing at GameStop. The retailer sent out a vague email noting it could have new PS5 stock in, but Swider poked around New York City stores to get more concrete details.  

Swider found out that there’ll be an in-store Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S restock at GameStop today, from when the stores open; this will be a first for 2021.

However, you'll need to expect long lines and potentially limited inventory; Swider reported that a few GameStop stores posted the Xbox Series X and Series S inventory they are holding last night, with “numbers indicating” about 14 of the former and 8 of the latter.

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And GameStop is expected to offer those consoles in bundle form, with prices tipped to come in at $650 before tax. It will also be one console per person, so don’t expect to be able to pick up a Microsoft machine for a friend. 

For worshipers at the temple of PlayStation, Swider reported that there’ll be no PS5 restock today, despite GameStop expected to have more of Sony's games console in stock. Check out our PS5 restock tracker if you want the latest updates on where to buy the PS5 and some hints on how to secure a console online. 

If you can’t get to a physical GameStop store then you may be out of luck. But the likes of Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and others often have Xbox Series X restocks; these sell out very fast, so you’ll have to be quick and lucky. But check out our tips on how to secure an Xbox Series X or PS5.   

And after the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at E3 2021, the Xbox Series X really looks like a console worth putting in the leg work (or hand work if you’re buying online) to get hold of a console.  

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