Xbox Series X Halo Infinite sold out at Microsoft — where to find stock next

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite
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Update: The Microsoft Store is now sold out of Halo XSX preorders. Make sure to follow our Xbox Series X restock guide for updates on the next drop. Plus, check out our Black Friday Xbox Series X deals coverage for a look at what to expect during the holiday season. 

If you missed Walmart's restock earlier today, the Microsoft Store currently has Xbox Series X restock available. The retailer now has preorders of the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console for $549. (If it shows out of stock, check again in a few minutes). The console celebrates Halo's 20th anniversary — along with the forthcoming release of Halo Infinite. The console will launch on November 15. 

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite:$549 @ Microsoft Store

Xbox Series X Halo Infinite: $549 @ Microsoft Store
The new Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console celebrates 20 years of Halo. The console features a Halo-inspired design and also powers on/off with custom Halo-themed sounds. It comes with a matching Halo Infinite controller. 

How to preorder the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite

So far, Walmart has been the only retailer with Xbox Series X Halo Infinite preorders. That said, we suspect preordering the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite console will be as tricky as buying a traditional Xbox Series X. 

That means you’ll need to be lightning-fast if you want to get a console in your basket, complete checkout, and receive that much-coveted order confirmation email. So it's worth creating an account at account and Microsoft so you're ready for the next restock. 

Just getting stock in your basket is half the battle. If you’re stuck entering your card information and address details the console could well sell out while you’re typing away. Have all your details pre-saved so you’re ready to go the moment the stock is live. 

It’s also worth noting that during regular Xbox restocks, retailers tend to release inventory in 10-minute intervals, so if the console sells out at a few minutes, it's worth sticking around as more stock could be on its way. 

Also, make sure to bookmark our guide on where to buy an Xbox. We’ll update you with the latest stock information on every major retailer, which will give you the best chance of securing a preorder. 

Retailers to check for stock

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