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Where to buy face masks for kids — these retailers have stock

Where to buy face masks for kids
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Adults in search of where to buy face masks generally have no problem finding masks. However, if you're wondering where to buy face masks for kids — your options are a little more restricted since there aren't that many retailers offering face masks for kids. 

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that children 2 years and older wear face masks or "cloth face coverings." The masks should cover their nose and mouth when out in public. So we're rounding up all the retailers where to buy face masks for kids.   

Where to buy face masks for kids

Kid's Face Mask 2-Pack: $20 @ Purple Mattress (opens in new tab)
Purple has made it into our best mattress (opens in new tab) of 2020 list. Now the mattress company is making face masks for adults and children. The washable, 3-layer masks feature the same cooling tech found in Purple's pillows. They also have a built-in cotton filter. 

Face Mask for Kids: $12 @ Noellery (opens in new tab)
The Noellery face mask for kids is made of a washable microfiber material and offers four layers of UV protection. It's designed to rest comfortably on a child's ears. The masks are available in pink, grey, or blue.

Adult/Child Mask Sets: $18 @ PaigeLauren (opens in new tab)
PaigeLauren is offering matching face masks for parents and children. The masks are washable and come in a set of adult/child or a set of adult/child/mini. Even better, PaigeLauren is donating proceeds to the FIGS Frontline Responders Fund. 

Star Wars Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney (opens in new tab)
These Star Wars face masks for kids are perfect for any child who's a fan of the Star Wars franchise. The masks include characters from various Star Wars movies including Baby Yoda and R2-D2. The cloth masks are machine washable and Disney is will donate all profits of U.S. sales (up to $1 million) to Medshare. 

Vistaprint Face Mask for kids: $18 @ Vistaprint (opens in new tab)
Vistaprint's masks feature a replaceable nanofilter system that blocks airborne contaminants. They offer a wide variety of prints for kids and the masks can be washed and reused. These masks measure 19cm x 12cm. Even better, for every reusable mask purchased, Vistaprint will give 10% to support local small businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

Cubcoats face masks for kids: $12 @ Cubcoats (opens in new tab)
Aside from being adorable, Cubcoats' line of face masks for kids are made of two layers of cotton fabric. They're recommended for kids ages 4 and up. The company says 10% of proceeds will be donated to to support COVID-19 relief efforts. 

Marvel Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney (opens in new tab)
From the Incredible Hulk to Black Panther, these face masks for kids feature your favorite Marvel characters and logos. They're machine washable and are available in various sizes. 

Reusable face mask for kids: from $9 to $12 @ Sock Fancy (opens in new tab)
Sock Fancy is a company devoted to selling socks. However, they're now selling face masks for kids. For every mask sold, they will donate a mask to frontline workers. 

Disney Face Masks: Set of 4 for $19 @ Disney (opens in new tab)
Wondering where to buy face masks for kids? These masks are the perfect way to get children to wear face masks. They feature Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and Marie. 

Radian Face Mask for Kids (Pack of 5): $25 @ Radian (opens in new tab)
Radian offers 2-layer reusable face masks for kids. The unisex masks come in 5-packs and are made of premium cotton-polyester blend. They're machine washable and feature elastic ear loops. 

CoolNet Buff for Kids: $26 @ REI (opens in new tab)
While technically not a face mask, this buff for kids can be worn as a headband, beanie, or a full mask. It's designed for kids ages 6 to 11.

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