Twitter just made threading tweets easier: Here's how to do it

twitter adds new threaded tweets feature
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Twitter is slowly but surely getting easier to use. We recently showed off an easier mute function, and today we got our hands on a new feature that makes it easier for users to create a thread (a series of tweets that reply to each other, telling a longer story).

Currently, whenever I want to thread a new tweet as a reply to an older one, I have to pull up my profile and poke around. It's as annoying as the deluge of Galaxy Note S20 rumors I see online and have zero interest in.

Thankfully, the new option for threading tweets is built into the compose new tweet window. This way, you can just always start from the blank slate, and then decide where it should go later. This feature is rolling out to the Twitter app on iOS (no sign of when Android phones will get it).

Twitter's new method (which it announced in a tweet) isn't perfect, though. Those prolific tweeters, who post too often (I am one of these people) might not see the tweet they're looking for in the drop down field.

What would I do better? Well, what I'd love is a search field in here, so you could try and look up one of your older tweets easier.

Anyways, enough of my nit-picking, here's how to use Twitter's new threaded tweets trick:

How to easily thread tweets on Twitter

1. While writing a tweet, pull down from the top of the screen.

twitter thread tweets: pull down from the top of the screen

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2. If that's the tweet you want, just tap Continue thread. More likely, though, you want a slightly older tweet. Tap the ... button

twitter threading tweets: 2- select or tap ...

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3. Tap the tweet you want to reply to.

twitter threading tweets: 3- select tweet

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4. Once you're ready, tap Tweet to post!

twitter threading tweets: 4- tap tweet

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