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Top Gun: Maverick release date, trailer, cast, helmet and more

Top Gun: Maverick release date, trailer, cast, helmet and more
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Talk about a delayed flight. Top Gun: Maverick will finally soar into theaters this summer, over 30 years after the 1986 cult film premiered. Original star Tom Cruise is starring in the sequel, and while we'll meet some new pilots, Cruise won’t be the only familiar face in the film.

The movie's details are classified. If we told you, we'd have to kill you. Kidding —it takes place an accurate 34 years later, with Cruise reprising his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

Maverick is now a flight instructor at the Miramar Topgun, where he’s guiding the son of his late flying partner, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. The trailer below doesn't give much else away. But honestly, we don't need much else than amazing aerial shots to be excited for a Top Gun revival. 

Get your flight suit ready. Here's everything you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick. 

During San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Tom Cruise popped in during Paramount Pictures’ Terminator: Dark Fate panel to debut the first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick. The action star looks like he just walked off the set of the original, aviator sunglasses and all.

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Top Gun: Maverick trailer

In this clip, Maverick's credentials are rattled off by a commanding officer, and it seems like his reckless nature is still intact — as he's stuck at Captain rank too. We also see glimpses of his colleagues, played by Jon Hamm and Jennifer Connelly. 

Top Gun: Maverick release date

Buckle up. When Tom Cruise revealed Top Gun: Maverick in 2017, the film was scheduled to be released on July 12, 2019, but was eventually pushed back a year. It will now hit theaters on June 26th, 2020. Then, the pandemic hit, and it got pushed to July 2, 2021. 

Now, in what is probably its final release date change, Top Gun: Maverick is barrell-rolling straight toward its November 19, 2021 release date. 

Top Gun: Maverick cast and crew

Tom Cruise returns to star and stunt in Top Gun: Maverick, as does Val Kilmer, who will reprise his role as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky. Oh, and we can't forget about Miles Teller's role as Bradley Bradshaw, Goose's son. In the trailer we see Teller thumping piano keys just like dad and get a glimpse at the temperament he inherited, too. 

Chicago Justice star Monica Barbaro presents Top Gun's first female pilot and Bradley Bradshaw's love interest. This will be her first major film project. 

We also get a look at Jennifer Connelly in the trailer, whose character is described as "a single mom who owns a bar near the base." It seems like she may replace Charlie as Maverick's romantic opposite. 

Jon Hamm joins the cast as a hardened Naval officer, or so we think by the striking glares in the trailer. He told Collider he's impressed by the aerial action: "There’s not a lot of CG. Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs."

Finally, we see Ed Harris telling Maverick that he's a dying breed. "The end is inevitable, Maverick, your kind is headed for extinction." Can someone say "drone warfare?"

Joseph Kosinki (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion), directs Top Gun: Maverick, while Hans Zimmer scores the movie. The cinematic pair has worked together on action films before and we're excited to see them team up again.

Kelly McGillis won't be reprising her role as Charlie Blackwood, the civilian flight instructor who played Maverick's love interest in the original.

Top Gun: Maverick — Monica Barbaro’s character

In an interview with Empire, Barbaro emphasized how much the folks behind Top Gun: Maverick are focused on giving equality to the first female pilot in Top Gun. She explained: "Tom, and all the production team, and the Navy really cared about making Phoenix as smart and talented and capable as they possibly could, to really represent the actual women who do this for a living."

Top Gun: Maverick helmet

Ever wanted to own a true piece of Americana? You're too late. The helmet that Maverick (Cruise) wore in Top Gun sold for £250,000 (approx. $353,575 at an auction last summer

This was five times its pre-sale estimate.

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