The ultra-cool Serta Arctic mattress is $200 off in the Presidents’ Day sales

The Serta Arctic Mattress placed on a wood and fabric bedframe and dressed with silver and dark blue cushions
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If you often feel too hot to sleep at night, consider switching to a mattress that cools you down. Luckily, the Serta Arctic Mattress, the brand’s latest cooling bed, is on sale today with $200 off every size at Serta. 

The Serta Arcticis powered by something called a Reactex System, which uses three layers of cooling technology to feel 15 times cooler than other Serta beds. It’s expensive, with a queen size costing $3,299 (was priced $3,499) in the Presidents’ Day mattress sales, but it’s still cheaper than the price of comparable models such as the Tempur-Pedic Breeze.

Serta makes some of the best mattresses in the world, with a range of hybrid and all-foam beds to suit different budgets and types of sleeper. If overheating at night is ruining your sleep, then the Serta Arctic Mattress could make a real difference to your quality of shut-eye.

Serta Arctic Mattress: $3,099 $2,899 at SertaSave $200

Serta Arctic Mattress: from $3,099 $2,899 at Serta
Save $200 - This is a premium hybrid mattress (foam and coils) that cools hot sleepers at night, enabling you to sleep comfortably for longer. The 13.5” tall Serta Arctic comes in a Plush Foam or Medium Hybrid feel and uses various cooling technologies and phase change material to dissipate heat. You’ll have 120 nights to trial it at home, and it’s covered with a 10-year limited warranty.

Overheating at night is a genuine sleep problem that can lead you down a path of disrupted shut-eye and a real lack of energy and focus the next day. That’s why we always recommend hot sleepers to invest in the best cooling mattress they can afford, as these dedicated beds, such as the Serta Arctic Mattress, are designed especially to cool you during sleep.

The Serta Arctic does this through various levels of cooling materials and technologies to provide all-night relief from hot sleeping. The heavy duty work is carried out by the Reactex System, made up of three separate layers of cooling tech. How does it work? Each layer gets more powerful in terms of cooling capacity, pulling heat from your body, even in hot weather.

Like we said, this is an expensive hybrid and memory foam mattress, but if you are constantly battling with feeling too hot to sleep, it’s definitely worth trialling; you’ll get 120 nights to do so. Serta also offers free White Glove Delivery to your bedroom and will set up your new mattress and remove your old one at the same time. 

If the Serta Arctic Mattress prices are outside of your budget, we’d also recommend the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress in a box. This is a well-rated cooling memory foam mattress that also uses phase change material, and while it isn’t as technologically advanced as the Serta, it still offers chilled comfort. Right now it’s on sale from $499 and it comes with free bedding at Cocoon by Sealy.

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