The clamshell Galaxy Fold 2 is actually called Galaxy Bloom (report)

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A new year is going to bring some new phones for Samsung. And those phones are going to apparently sport new names.

That's the news leaking out of a closed-door meeting between Samsung and its partners at CES 2020, where the tech giant reportedly disclosed plans about its upcoming phone releases. As spotted by Sammobile, Korean newspaper Ajunews says that Samsung has told partners that its Galaxy Fold 2 will actually be called the Galaxy Bloom, while the next flagship phone, expected to be the Galaxy S11, will instead be called the Galaxy S20.

This isn't the first time we've heard that Samsung is going in a different direction for the name of its Galaxy S flagship. Back in late December, a report suggested that the new phone would be called the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Why the change? Chalk it up to a new decade, according to the Ajunews report, since the Galaxy S series debuted 10 years ago. What's more, Samsung is apparently coming out with regular, plus and ultra models. (There's that Galaxy S20 Ultra name surfacing again.)

As for the Galaxy Fold successor, Samsung appears to have settled on Galaxy Bloom as a name, since the flip phone design is reportedly reminiscent of a flower opening up — or at least that's what the company is telling partners. An image posted by Ajunews shows a flower on the screen of a folding phone, replacing the butterfly motif Samsung used to promote the Galaxy Fold.

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It's not hard to see why Samsung might want to move away from the Galaxy Fold name, given the troubles that folding phone had getting out of the gate last year. Also, if Samsung is adopting a new design — this phone reportedly flips open instead of folding out like a book — then it probably figures a new name is in order.

There could be more to the new name change, too, as Ajunews' report says that Samsung is hoping to evoke the makeup compact popularized by French cosmetics brand Lancome. Samsung is apparently going to target women in their 20s with this new foldable phone, at least according to this report.

The report also claims that both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom will support 8K video recording, but that's not a new detail in the case of the S20 (or the S11, if you prefer). Previous reports have suggested 8K video would be one of the marquee features for the upcoming flagship phone, and that's something the Snapdragon 865 processor slated to power Samsung's next phone is capable of supporting.

We'll find out if these name changes really are going to take place in about a month. Samsung has a press event slated for Feb. 11, and we're expecting to see both the Galaxy S11... err, Galaxy S20 and foldable Galaxy Bloom at that time.

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