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The Bachelorette 2020 cast news: Clare quits, Tayshia Adams replaces her

The Bachelorette 2020: Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams
(Image credit: ABC)

The Bachelorette 2020 may be the Most. Dramatic. Season. Ever. Fan favorite Clare Crawley was cast as The Bachelorette for season 16, but filming on it was delayed to the coronavirus pandemic. Then, production resumed several weeks ago and now comes the news that Clare has already quit — and she's being replaced by Tayshia Adams! 

Multiple media outlets have confirmed the rumors that Clare left the show after falling in love with her contestants (it turns out they began talking before filming). The rumors were first posted to Reddit and further fuel was added to the fire by an Us Weekly report that several back-up contestants (who didn't make the main cast) had been called to see if they'll join the season. Bachelor spoilers king Reality Steve tweeted there is "some serious validity" to the reports. On Aug. 3, People confirmed the news. And there are other rumors floating around as to the identity of the contestant that Clare fell in love with. More on that spoiler below!

How did The Bachelorette 2020 go from Clare to Tayshia?

The Bachelorette 2020 has been an insane roller coaster ride.  Clare was announced as the lead on Good Morning America on March 2. At 39, she was set to be the franchise's oldest lead ever. 

The potential contestants vying for her heart were revealed on March 11. Filming was due to begin a couple of weeks later, but was delayed due to the pandemic. ABC decided to take the opportunity to find older men for her (some of the previous cast members were as young as 23). Later, ABC decided to announce to make one of those initial cast members, Matt James, The Bachelor 2021 the first Black Bachelor.

On July 15, ABC unveiled the second wave of potential Bachelorette cast members. Season 16 production resumed soon after, with Clare and her suitors isolated together in a Palm Springs resort. All cast and crew members had to live on-site. 

It turns out that one of those initial contestants from March 11 reached out to Clare. People reports, "One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking. By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it. Then she said she wanted out."

The show had to scramble, calling some of the potential contestants (and likely the men eliminated by Clare in early rounds) to see if they wanted to be part of Tayshia's cast.

"Tayshia was game and ready to go," a Bachelorette insider told People. "What remains to be seen is if more men will be brought in now to give Tayshia a full roster of suitors."

Another source notes that "because of quarantine, it’s not as simple as just starting over." They added, "Everyone is being tested and contained within this bubble so anyone coming from the 'outside' is potentially a problem. So that still needs to be fully resolved at this point in terms of Tayshia’s suitors."

While ABC hasn't officially confirmed Tayshia has replaced Clare, they did post a cryptic teaser that features a mysterious silhouetted woman:

The Bachelorette 2020 release date: When is it coming out? 

The Bachelorette season 16 will be released this fall and air Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ABC has not confirmed an exact premiere date.

The Bachelorette season premiere episode is likely to be like all the ones before it: Clare will meet all of the contestants as they emerge from the limos, she'll spend time talking to them (maybe even kissing some), a few of the men will behave like idiots, she'll give out a first impression rose and then cut a handful of guys from the cast. 

There may be a slight twist to the limo meetings, since Clare and the guys will all be quarantining in one location. 

We can't even begin to guess how Tayshia will be brought in or meet the contestants.

The Bachelorette 2020: Who is Clare Crawley?

The Bachelor/Bachelorette usually, but doesn't always, choose a lead from the previous season's cast. But instead of choosing one of the women from Peter Weber's Bachelor season, the show selected Clare Crawley. 

Clare first appeared on The Bachelor in 2014. That was The Bachelor season 18 and featured lead Juan Pablo Galavis. Clare infamously went on very steamy nighttime swim with Juan Pablo, which he later said he regretted.

She went on to become one of the final two women. But Juan Pablo didn't propose to Clare or to the other finalist, Nikki Ferrell (he did give Nikki his final rose; they did not stay together for long). 

Clare very famously delivered a couple of brutal lines to Juan Pablo while he was breaking up with her. First, she told him, "I lost respect for you." Then she capped off her speech by saying, "I thought I knew what kind of man you were. What you just made me go through, I would never want my children having a father like you." Burn!

Clare then joined Bachelor in Paradise season 1, which aired in the summer of 2014. She hit it off with Zack Kalter, but their romance never quite took off.

She returned to Bachelor in Paradise for season 2 in 2015, but also did not find love. Clare announced her "retirement" from the Bachelor franchise.

But she wasn't gone for long. In 2018, Clare signed up for The Bachelor Winter Games. She connected with Benoit Beausejour-Savard, but also developed feelings for Christian Rauch. During the finale special, Clare revealed that she and Benoit had reconnected after the Winter Games. Benoit then proposed to Clare and she accepted. Sadly, Clare and Benoit ended their engagement a few months later.

Now, Clare is getting another chance to find love as The Bachelorette. While her age (38) may be perceived negatively by some, Clare told Good Morning America, "It just is more years under my belt, more learning and knowing what I want, what I don’t want and what I won’t settle for."

The Bachelorette 2020: Who is Tayshia Adams?

Tayshia Adams was a finalist on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. Afterward, she was a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise season 6, where she began dating John Paul Jones. They eventually broke up. 

Originally from Newport Beach, California, she's a former phlebotomist who currently works at an interior design firm. 

As the new Bachelorette for season 16, Tayshia is the second Black person to lead a show, after Rachel Lindsay. 

The Bachelorette contestants: Who's in the Bachelorette cast?

ABC unveiled The Bachelorette 2020 cast on July 15 via a Facebook post that included photos of the 42 potential contestants. 

Back in March, ABC unveiled the preliminary list of Bachelorette contestants, including the names, ages and photos for 32 suitors, who ranged from 23 to 42 years old.

One happened to be 28-year-old Matt James. He is best friends with Tyler Cameron, a contestant on The Bachelorette 2019 and Hannah Brown's runner-up.

However, when the pandemic shut down production, ABC decided to go back to the casting drawing board. When the initial contestant list had come out, fans had criticized the lineup as far too young (and probably immature) for Clare. So, the delay allowed ABC to issue a new casting call, specifically to find older men for Clare.

The new group of hopefuls includes 17 men from the original cast list, plus 25 new names. They range in age from 25 to 40. 

We'll have to wait and see which of the 42 hopefuls actually make it onto the show as contestants. But we (and they) already know what kind of man Clare will choose.

"I want a man that will take off his armor," she said on Good Morning America. "I want a man that is strong but is willing to take off the body armor, open themselves up and be vulnerable I think that is some serious strength right there."

"The biggest thing for me is, honestly, it’s all what’s on the inside for me,” she added. “The outside, if you line up all the guys I’ve dated in the past, there’s no one type physically. It’s more if they go out of their way for me, if they make me feel special. This is about me now. I’m ready for it."

The Bachelorette filming: Which locations will they go to?

The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows typically go to several international locations during the season. Peter Weber's Bachelor season took the cast to Costa Rica, Chile, Peru and Australia. Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season took the cast to Scotland, Latvia, the Netherlands and Greece.

But the pandemic has made any kind of travel, domestic or international, impossible. Now, Clare and her suitors will be quarantined together in one undisclosed location in Southern California. No visitors will be allowed and strict safety precautions will be in effect, according to Variety.

The Bachelorette spoilers

Clare quits The Bachelorette because she falls in love ... but with who? Some outlets are reporting that the man is Dale Moss, a 31-year-old former professional football player. Reality Steve, the king of Bachelor spoilers, noted that Dale received Clare's first impression rose:

Dale also models for brands like Under Armour, Hugo Boss, Express, and United Airlines. And he is a global ambassador for the Special Olympics. While his Instagram  and social media accounts have gone private, you can still watch his YouTube videos, like this one: