Stunning Apple Glass design is the one I'd actually wear

Apple Glass concept
(Image credit: Techweartrend)

Apple Glass, Apple's mysterious augmented reality wearable lenses, isn't as far off as we once thought. Despite conflicting launch date reports, a world where many could sport Apple's logo on their temples is coming. All we can hope is that these first-generation smart frames will look as sleek as this.

Wearable gadgets blog Techweartrend shared a series of Apple Glass concept designs on Instagram earlier this week. The purported lenses look absolutely gorgeous, complete with a Wayfarer shape, subtle sensors on the hinges and eye-catching gold accents.

In fact, if the lenses in these renders were tinted, they would look like a pair of sunnies I once bought from Bloomingdales.

(Image credit: Techweartrend)

Is it too soon to say I'm relieved? Front Page Tech host Jon Prosser is behind most of the Apple Glass leaks we've heard this month, and his description of the alleged prototype he's seen is 'un-intimidating.' 

While no one should expect the first-generation Apple Glass model to blow their mind, I want to hope Apple is working on an aesthetic that matches the rumored $499 price tag. 

That cost for a plain pair of plastic frames certainly blurs the vision. Even if Apple nails the execution of Starboard, its AR operating system, why would people want to wear Apple Glass on their face if it doesn't look nice?

Although, you could argue everyone thought AirPods were ugly when the wireless earbuds debuted. And now I don't even need to explain how ubiquitous the white-stemmed pods have become.

(Image credit: Techweartrend)

Techweartrend doesn't claim credit nor give credit for the Apple Glass designs it posted, so it's impossible to trace the images to a reliable source. We've yet to see anything like them floating around the internet to date, though.

Either way, these images are clearly just conceptual, and are probably a reach from what Apple Glass will actually look like. But that doesn't mean I can't hope for something as fashionable to materialize.

Apple Glass: What to expect

Cosmetics aside, there's several features we can expect to see in Apple Glass. It'll have a LiDAR scanner that work with the Starboard interface

All Apple Glass processing will happen on an iPhone, which could contribute to the lens' digestible $499 cost. Prosser compares the processing relationship to that of the Apple Watch Series 1.

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Prosser also says that Apple Glass won't ship with a built-in speaker system. Instead, we'll be encouraged to own Apple's AirPods for audio integration.

An Apple Glass launch could happen as soon as next year, although a few longtime analysts say we're at least 2-3 years away.

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