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Spotify Will Soon Let You Produce Your Own Podcast From Your Phone

(Image credit: Twitter/Jane Manchun Wong)

Spotify is bringing its users the ability to create and distribute their own podcast using the company’s family of apps.

A “Create a podcast with Anchor” button was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane on Twitter) earlier this week. Sitting on top of users’ list of subscribed podcasts, the button takes users to a promotional landing page for the podcast creation app that Spotify acquired back in February.

The king of global audio streaming has taken an interest in not only podcast production but listener habits as well. Earlier this month Spotify released a new analytics dashboard for all podcast creators, allowing them to see what kind of content their fanbase enjoys the most.

By diversifying its portfolio from licensed music, Spotify can see a potential jump in the company’s revenue. Songs require licensing fees and artist cuts that eat into the platform’s bottom line. In-app hosting combined with ad space sales opportunities can be a new long-term revenue source for Spotify.