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Snapchat, Spotify, Discord and more go down in massive outage (Update)

Snapchat down
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Is Spotify down? Is Snapchat down? Is Etsy down? The answer to all these questions was yes, according to user reports on Down Detector. Multiple apps and websites seem to have suffered significant outages due to a Google Cloud networking issue (via The Verge.)

The team at Tom's Guide first noticed problems with Spotify. Our iOS app wouldn't load search results, only letting us play downloaded music. The iOS Snapchat app wouldn't let us load new content, either. We struggled to access Etsy's website as well, eventually connecting after many refreshes.

Etsy down

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Down Detector's home page shows users reporting outages for several popular services, including Discord, Home Depot, Pokemon Go, Target, Paramount Plus and Apex Legends, in addition to the programs listed above.

Down Detector

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The outages are likely connected by the Google Cloud networking error, confirmed by an incident report posted to the Google Cloud Status Dashboard. In the meantime, individual services are addressing connection issues. Spotify said it's checking out issues on Twitter. Snapchat shared a similar message.

Some of the websites experiencing problems as per Down Detector are loading just fine for us, so the outages could have been temporary or limited. It seems mobile apps are slower to recover than individual websites, too.

The latest incident update says the issue is "partially resolved" though Google Cloud cannot provide an ETA for full resolution yet. Down Detector reports appear to be improving, too. 

This is a developing story. Please check back for the latest outage updates.

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