See the Galaxy Z Flip in action in a new leaked video

(Image credit: Ben Geskin/Twitter)

You don't have to wait until Samsung's Feb. 11 Unpacked event to see the Galaxy Z Flip in action. Just head over to Twitter for a short video purportedly showing off Samsung's next foldable phone.

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The video was posted by leaker Ben Geskin, who regularly tweets leaked renders and concept drawings about upcoming phones. Geskin doesn't identify where this video came from, but the look of the phone matches what we've heard so far about the Galaxy Z Flip.

As you can see in the video, the phone opens up like a flip phone of old, just like Motorola's new Razr. According to Galaxy Z Flip rumors, that's a 6.7-inch display featuring a layer of ultra-thin glass. Displays on foldable phones up until this point have been largely plastic.

The lower left corner of the phone's outside cover features a small exterior display. Again, that's in line with Galaxy Z Flip rumors, which predict a 1.1-inch screen big enough to show the time and possibly notifications. 

You can also see the dual cameras on the outside of the phone in the video. And when the phone is open, a cut-out housing the front camera is visible as well.

The Galaxy Z Flip figures to be quite a departure from Samsung's first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. That device opened like a book, exposing a 7.3-inch display. But even when closed, the Fold was too bulk to carry around in anything other than a coat pocket. The Z Flip should be a much more portable device.

We'll find out for certain whether the phone in the video is the Galaxy Z Flip in less than two weeks when Samsung hosts its Unpacked event. The Feb. 11 product showcase is expected to reveal the Z Flip along with the new lineup of Galaxy S20 flagship phones.

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