Samsung’s 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 monitor now up for pre-order in the UK and Australia

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 (57-inch)
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Announced at CES back in January, Samsung's mammoth 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 ultrawide gaming monitor has finally received official pricing and release date information, and it's coming incredibly soon in the UK and Australia.

The new Odyssey Neo G9 is now up for pre-order in the UK priced at £2,200, with orders expected to arrive by August 29. Pre-orders will receive an exclusive £200 discount code, and orders made before September 5 will automatically get a free Jet Bot Vacuum Cleaner (valued at £399) added to their basket.

While the new Odyssey Neo G9 monitor isn't technically up for pre-order Down Under, Aussies who register their interest before August 27 are promised "an exclusive VIP offer" for when it does go on sale on August 28. Pricing in Australia has been set at AU$3,199.

Unfortunately, wide-eyed gamers in the US will have to wait a bit longer, with the 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 set to release in October priced at $2,499.

Samsung has described the 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 as the world's first "dual UHD" monitor, in that its 7680 × 2160 resolution is like having two 4K monitors set up side-by-side. This gives the Odyssey Neo G9 an 8K horizontal resolution, while still keeping a 4K vertical resolution.

Sporting a 1000R curved display, the panoramic monitor also provides refresh rates up to 240Hz and DisplayPort 2.1 support. 

That's all very impressive, though it's worth noting that even the most powerful GPUs available today will likely struggle to reach such highframe rates in graphically intensive games at the monitor's native resolution.

We got some hands-on time with Samsung's Odyssey Neo G9 at a launch event in Sydney recently, and while the screen was certainly an impressive sight to behold, our game of Far Cry 6 maxed out at 120Hz, while the 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 setup nearby was able to run the (not particularly demanding) game at 240Hz thanks to its lower 5120 x 1440 resolution. Still, it was incredibly cool to move around in the game's tropical setting with the world stretching beyond our peripherals and providing amazing immersion.

Of course, we look forward to spending more time with the Odyssey Neo G9 in the near future.

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