Samsung Galaxy SmartTag could be joined by SmartTag Plus — what you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag tracker
(Image credit: 91mobiles)

Leaks have already revealed Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy SmartTag, a Bluetooth-powered key finder, at Thursday’s Galaxy Unpacked launch event. But there may be a second one coming at the same time.

According to leaker Ishan Agarwal (via 91mobiles), Samsung will e launching the entry-level SmartTag alongside the more advanced Galaxy SmartTag Plus. So it looks like the big Samsung Galaxy S21 launch event is set to be packed to the brim with new tech.

According to Agarwal, the SmartTag+ will be a more advanced version of the SmartTag, though he doesn’t go into any specifics about what extra features it has. All we know from him is that it exists, and will have the tracking number EI-T7300 — which is slightly higher than the EI-T5300 model number assigned to the entry-level SmartTag.

But Agarwal did outline some of the features we can expect from the SmartTag range, aside from the whole obvious “track down your lost stuff” bit. Apparently connections will be end-to-end encrypted, and feature something called a “Privacy ID” for security reasons. They’ll also be able to automatically connect to Galaxy devices, and like Tile devices will feature a button that can be double-pressed to make your phone ring.

Because sometimes you know exactly where your keys are, but your phone has mysteriously vanished.

As we’ve already seen, the SmartTag will be shaped like a chunky version of the Tile Mate, and will apparently measure 4cm x 4cm x 1cm (1.57in x 1.57in x 0.39in) and will weigh 13 grams (half an ounce).

We’ve already heard news that the SmartTag will cost around €15-€20 in Europe, which will likely work out around $15-$20. Unfortunately, Agarwal doesn’t comment on that or mention any pricing information for the SmartTag Plus. However, he does claim they’ll be available in packs of two and four, much like Tile. Color-wise he’s expecting them in oatmeal, black, denim blue, and mint.

Those of you planning on pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S21 may also get a SmartTag thrown in as a free Galaxy S21 gift.

We’ll bring you more about Samsung’s SmartTag as we hear it, though considering Galaxy Unpacked is on Thursday (Jan. 14) we don’t have to wait very long to hear everything straight from Samsung.

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