Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could borrow this personalization option from Galaxy Z Flip 5

FlipCase Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 is coming on January 17, that much has been confirmed, with leaks and rumors telling us a whole lot more. Despite that, there are still details that we haven’t heard about until now — like the prospect of Galaxy S24 cases offering Galaxy Z Flip 5-style customization.

It always pays to put a case on a brand new phone, especially one as expensive as Samsung’s tend to be. But it’s always nice to have a phone case that’s yours, with a style and design that matches who you are — rather than what some casemakers decided would sell best.

MobileFun has shared images of alleged leak case designs for the Galaxy S24 lineup, including some of the typical offerings you’d expect — like a silicone case and one with a built-in stand. However the blog has also included images of a “Suit Case” for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it’s said to be similar to the Flipsuit case that arrived alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 5 last year. And that caught my eye.

The idea behind the Flipsuit case was that you could use swappable NFC “contents cards” inside a clear case. The idea was that this card would connect to the Z Flip 5 and let you customize the outer look of the phone. You pop the card inside the case, and it will automatically connect to the Z Flip 5 and change the theming of the Flex Window cover display to match. 

There was no limit to how many times you swap out the contents card, so long as you went out to buy one with designs you like.

The Galaxy S24’s Suit Case will likely offer a similar level of personalization, though it’s unclear whether NFC may be playing a part. While there’s no cover display, a contents card could still affect the look of the main display on the opposite side of the phone. At the very least it’ll give you the option to mix and match your phone’s look without having to buy (and keep track of) multiple cases.

There’s no pricing information on the S24’s Suit Case, but considering the Z Flip 5’s Flipsuit case costs $60m / £ 39 / AU$79, it’s not going to be the cheapest case around. More so when you consider the cost of the contents cards, which go for $15 / £12 / AU$25 for the flip foldable.

So we’re just going to have to wait until Galaxy Unpacked on January 17 to find out more. In the mean time you can keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors in our Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy Unpacked hubs.

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