Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a hidden feature that blew me away

FlipCase Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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While our full Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review covers all the foldable phone’s biggest upgrades and performance benchmarks, there’s a fun underrated feature you probably haven’t heard about yet. And when I saw it in action, it completely amused me.

The FlipSuit Case for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a customization system that lets you accessorize your device with NFC-equipped cards and a clear case. The interchangeable cards are cut to fit into the bottom half of a Flip 5 case, the side that doesn’t have a display when the device is folded shut.

Then, when a card makes contact with the bottom exterior of the Galaxy Z Flip, the 3.4-inch external cover display — called the Flex Window — automatically changes to reflect the design of the card with a sleek animation. The result is a case-and-screen combination that matches perfectly. 


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There are a few basic-looking FlipSuit cards you can buy now for $59 at Samsung. But when I saw FlipSuit for the first time, Samsung had over a dozen styles available to try out. Some of the recognizable licenses included Spider-Man, Squid Game, Keith Haring, BTS and Mickey Mouse.

FlipCase Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

(Image credit: Future)

My favorite FlipSuit card by far, though, was the Pringles. Not only did Samsung offer one with the iconic red can and Mr. Pringle, there was a green one for sour cream and onion variety, too. When placed in the FlipSuit case, the Z Flip 5’s external display showed a shower of Pringle chips falling into a can. This brought the device’s Flex Window to life, leveraging the bigger screen size in a playful, yet practical way.

Smartphone cases let you personalize the appearance of your device, but I haven’t seen the case actually extend to the phone display itself before like it does with the FlipCase. Otherwise, you’re left customizing your phone background and icons to match your case manually, if that’s the experience you want. It’s far more frictionless for an NFC tag in your phone tag to change your phone background for you.

The catch to FlipCase is that the iconic cards don’t seem to be available to purchase yet or even listed online, despite the Galaxy Z Flip 5 becoming available on August 11. They're also exclusive to the flip phone, so it's not an accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

I reached out to Samsung to ask if we’ll see some of the franchise cards hit shelves. It seems that as long as you have a clear case, you could grow a collection of cards depending on your style and interests. Me? I’d show off my appreciation of Pringles every day.

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