Samsung Galaxy S21 FE image just revealed design and all four colors

galaxy s21 fe
(Image credit: Android Headlines)

We've gotten a pretty convincing look at what colors Samsung is planning for the Galaxy S21 FE. And the source appears to be Samsung's own marketing materials.

Android Headlines has pasted an image that looks an awful lot like official Samsung marketing materials for the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE, a lower-cost version of the Galaxy S21 flagships that came out earlier this year. In the shot, we can clearly see four different models in gray, light green, light violet and white hues.

The report doesn't give the source of the image, but it's not unheard of for phone maker's marketing materials to pop up online well before a product launches. That said, without any sourcing, you should still take any reports about unannounced smartphone features with a grain of salt.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE light violet

(Image credit: Future)

The four colors depicted here are in line with most of the previous rumors we've heard about Samsung's new FE model. (The one exception: some reports have claimed there will be a pink Galaxy S21 FE, but that's not in evidence here). For the record, the Galaxy S21 appeared in violet, pink, white and gray variations this past spring.

The Galaxy S21 FE is expected to deliver a lot of the same features found on the S21 phones, but for a lower price. For instance, the Galaxy S21 FE is likely to use the same Snapdragon 888 chipset that powered the regular S21 models, and we wouldn't be surprised if it has a fast refreshing display as well. The biggest change between the Galaxy S20 FE and last year's Samsung flagships came down to the materials Samsung uses — the S20 FE arrived using plastic instead of glass and metal — and the telephoto lens wasn't nearly as powerful.

Right now, a bigger question surrounding the Galaxy S21 FE is when the phone might appear. Previous rumors suggested a launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 at Samsung's next Unpacked event this summer. More recently, though, a report emerged that Samsung was suspending work on the S21 FE, though the company claimed that "nothing has been determined."

For its part, Android Headlines claims the phone will appear in October after the expected summer launches for Samsung's new foldable devices.

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