Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design stuns with gorgeous new color

Galaxy Note 20 concept design
(Image credit: Yash Purohit)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is set to build upon the boxy rectangular look of the Galaxy Note 10, as a new design concept shows off what the next Galaxy flagship could look like. 

Coming courtesy of "digital content creator" Yash Purohit on Twitter, the concept for the Galaxy Note 20 isn’t dramatically different from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus design. There’s still a small punch hole camera sitting in the middle of the display’s top edge, and the display itself retains the expansive OLED panel with the slightly curved edges that the Note 10 introduced back in 2019. 

The concept render does show off what looks like a mix between the Note 10 Plus’ rear camera array and that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. There’s a trio of camera lenses arranged in a vertical fashion like the Note 10 but in a rectangular box, which looks like it could contain a time-of-flight sensor.

We’d have expected to see the quad-camera array of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra make it onto a concept for the Note 20, given the largest of Samsung’s phones generally comes with the company's best camera tech. But there’s a chance Samsung could be keeping the S20 Ultra as its main flagship and the Note 20 Plus as an alternative for folks who want a bigger screen and S-Pen support.

What is unmissable is the bright purple-blue finish of the rear panel. Rather than go the way of the multicoloured reflective glass panel of the Note 10 Plus, Purohit reckons the Galaxy Note 20 will use a matte finish. This might not seem as striking, but the punchy hue in the concept image is pretty attractive and bold. Plus, matte finishes tend not to be as keen on sucking up fingerprints like glossy or reflective glass panels are. 

Purohit also added in an S Pen for his design, which looks identical to that of the Note 10. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Samsung’s latest take on a smartphone stylus has a suite of smart capabilities such as gesture recognition. 

Overall, this concept points at a Galaxy Note 20 that’s more an evolution rather than a revolution over its predecessor. But with the Note 20 set to have a larger battery, more powerful specs and improved cameras, it should have enough to satisfy fans of big Samsung phones, even in the face of the impressive OnePlus 8 Pro

Roland Moore-Colyer

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