Samsung Galaxy Buds X colors just leaked — here's the full lineup

Galaxy Buds X
(Image credit: WinFuture)

When the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (previously Galaxy Buds X) first leaked, images showed the pair of bean-shaped buds borrowing the white, black and cloud blue color options of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

But those must have been solely conceptual, because the actual Galaxy Buds Live colors just leaked, and they're a bit of a letdown. Rather than continue cloud blue's chapter, leaker Ishan Agarwal said the Buds will match the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with a copper option in addition to the standard white and black ones. 

Over the weekend the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 colors leaked, revealing a 'Copper' color for both the baseline model and Galaxy Note 20 Plus. Based on renders of the upcoming phablet in the new finish, it could look almost rose gold.

Aside from a pair of custom gold-casted AirPods, we've yet to see metallic finishes on true wireless earbuds. In fact all of the best wireless earbuds we've tested have an either a plastic or matte plastic aesthetic.

Of course, this is because they're all made of plastic, which is more lightweight than metal. There are ways to make plastic look like metal, but the result might be a pair of in-ear headphones that get mistaken for jewelry. 

Not to say that's a bad thing — the sheen could elevate the appearance of what's expected to be a pair of sub-$150 fitness-focused earbuds. But compared to the Candyland colors planned for the new Powerbeats Pro and some fun finishes rolling out for the Buds Plus, the Buds Live rumored variations are lackluster.

If it were up to me, all tech coming out in the next few months would be available in bright and optimistic colors because, you know, 2020. If every third person you know dying their hair hot pink isn't enough indication, fashion forecasting service Sourcing Journal reported a rising interest "hyper-real, indulgent colors" and that color "will be an impactful tool for companies to use to renew consumers’ spirit."

As much as I'd like to see the Galaxy Buds Live contribute to this trend, color options are a small factor in the scope of a full review. We'll be looking at comfort, audio quality and battery life, as well as how well active noise cancellation works if it's offered.

The Galaxy Buds Live will reportedly launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in July, and will be offered for free or at a discount as part of Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 pre-order promotions when those handsets debut in August. 

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