Forget the AirPods 3: New Powerbeats Pro look amazing

Apple Powerbeats Pro colors
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While we wait for the AirPods 3 and AirPods Studio, Apple may launch an exciting new version of its popular Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds very soon. 

A collection of leaked images spotted by WinFuture further confirms leaks from last week that the fully wireless Powerbeats Pro headphones from Apple’s Beats brand will come in for new colors: light blue, yellow, red, and pink. These colors will go alongside the white, dark blue, and green Powerbeats Pro. 

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Aside from the new colors, the new Powerbeats Pro aren’t going to be different from the current generation of Beats wireless earbuds. This means there’ll be no active noise cancellation and they’ll probably use the same H1 chip that powers the current Powerbeats Pro. 

Sticking with the current Powerbeats Pro formula is no bad thing, however. In our Powerbeats Pro review, we found the earbuds to be the closest we could get to a pair of ‘fitness AirPods,' as the buds are sweatproof unlike the AirPods 2

We also praised the Powerbeats Pro for having a lengthy battery life, well-balanced sound, and a comfortable fit for people who like to listen to music while they run. So a quartet of extra colours added to this already impressive range is a welcome upgrade.

However, there’s still an outside chance that Apple could give its Powerbeats Pro a little upgrade. This could include improving the battery life or reducing the size of the bulky carrying case, which we flagged as one of the negatives of the wireless headphones. 

If you’re are only interested in full-fat Apple headphones, then you’ll need to wait until the rumored AirPods Studio make their debut sometime this summer. And Apple fans may need to spring for a dedicated set of earbuds or headphones, as the EarBuds that ship with every iPhone might not make it into the iPhone 12 package

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