Samsung is finally getting a clever way to get killer phones for less — here's how

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Samsung could soon start selling refurbished versions of its latest and best Galaxy phones, including the mighty Galaxy S22 Ultra

That's according to statement the company sent to our colleagues over at TechRadar, noting that newer phones will be added to Samsung's Re-Newed program. Currently, it only sells phones as recent as the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Note 20, in the U.S. and in the U.K. Re-Newed only offers the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20, at the time of writing, 

However, this could all change soon, and new Galaxy phones could get added to the Re-Newed ranks. And when the Galaxy S23 range arrives, likely early next year, we could even see that get included into Re-Newed. 

Why you should consider a refurbished Galaxy phone

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Samsung has some of the best phones on the market right now, but the top devices can be on the pricey side. So refurbished tech is a great way to alleviate the cost of new gadgets, particularly Galaxy phones. 

Second hand devices sold at a discount, fitted with brand new parts is a win-win for company, consumer and the climate. Samsung itself estimates that re-using a phone saves 121 pounds of CO2; the environmental equivalent of two and a half trees a year.

The problem? Most first party retailers tend to only offer a meagre selection of unpopular or outdated products on their refurb initiatives. Thankfully, it looks like Samsung will address this sooner than later by adding newer phones into Re-Newed. Hopefully, by keeping the refurb process in-house, some of the most expensive phones on the market can be resold at bargain prices. 

But you may ask how does Samsung ensure such phones are up to scratch? 

Well, the Re-Newed scheme sees Samsung’s own experts rebuild the device using “genuine parts.'' The final product comes as-new, boxed with a charger and crucially, considering some recent battery swelling concerns, an “all-new battery.” 

Third-party equivalents of this initiative do exist, but we'd say no-one knows Samsung phones like Samsung. With a one-year guarantee as standard and a significantly cheaper price than new, if the Samsung starts stocking some of its more recent models, adopting the refurbished route seems like an absolute no-brainer, particularly in the current climate with the cost of living soaring. 

Get a bargain Galaxy S22 phone today

If you can't wait for Re-Newed to get the Galaxy S22 range added to it, we've found some solid deals on new Galaxy S22 phones you can get today. Check out the deal boxes below. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB): was $1,199 now $993 @ Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB): was $1,199 now $993 @ Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is $206 off its regular price, making it a great bargain. This premium Samsung flagship has a big and bright display, impressive cameras and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It also comes with the S Pen built in and 45W super fast charging. In the U.K. you can find the Galaxy S22 Ultra reduced from £1,149 to £942.

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB): was $799 now $749 @ Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB): was $799 now $749 @ Amazon
You can get the rather excellent Galaxy S22 for a neat $50 off its ticket price. That gets you a solid iPhone 14 rival, with some excellent specs, like a 120Hz display and triple rear camera array. In the U.K. the Galaxy S22 is discounted from £769 to £593, saving you a cool £176. 

And do keep an eye on out for the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, as it's sure to have some attractive discounts on all sort of technology, and likely a range of Samsung Galaxy phones. 

Some deals are already popping up such as the Google Pixel 6 crashing to $199

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