PS5 startup sound just teased by Burger King — yes, really

(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 information can come for all manner of sources, but a rather unlikely one is Burger King. However, the fast food giant tweeted a video of its ‘King’ mascot opening a takeaway bag only to be bathed in a blue glow accompanied by what could be the PS5’s boot-up sound. 

This isn't the first time the sound has been heard, as it popped up at a Sony PS5 presentation back in June. But hearing it a second time would suggest that this is indeed sound the PS5 will make when it’s turned on. 

Burger King’s mascot walked away with the glowing bag, leaving the date “10/15” in his wake, which would suggest Burger King has something PS5 related to announce on October 15. We’d hazard a guess that it could be some form of promotion in which keen consumers of lackluster burgers could win a PS5 if they chomp through enough beef, bread and special sauce.  

Or it could be a tease for some similar PlayStation and Burger King partnership, say, offering PlayStation Store credits and discounts with certain meals or access to several months of PS Plus for free.  

There's an outside chance - and we mean outside - that it could be a tease for a sequel to Sneak King, a game Burger King created in partnership with Microsoft as a form of promotion. 

The game itself involved filling the boots of the King and delivering burgers to hungry people before they faint from lack of food. The sneaking element involved avoiding the vision cones of those hungry people. That's because if you get caught the hungry people might lose their appetite, as seemingly in the game's logic the sight of an incoming food delivery seems to cause hunger pangs to cease. 

As it stands, all we have is speculation to go off here. But it seems a little bizarre that Sony would need to have a Burger King promotional tie-up given how quickly its PS5 pre-orders have sold out. We’d argue that the pull of the PS5 and the legion of PS4 fans waiting to make the leap to the next-generation console is more than enough promotion for Sony's gaming division. 

The PS5 will launch on November 12 in the U.S., so we’ll soon get to see how Sony’s next-generation gaming machine measures up against the Xbox Series X

Roland Moore-Colyer

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