PS5 price just leaked online — and it's not cheap

(Image credit: Sony)

Despite revealing the PS5 months ago, Sony has still yet to reveal a price for its next-generation console leaving space for a lot of speculation. Current estimations put the PS5’s price at around $500.

And those predictions may be correct, thanks to French retailer Carrefour posting listings for the PS5 and its accessories complete with prices. While the retailer quickly pulled the listings offline, BGR spotted them, and they show how the standard PS5 will cost €499, while the Digital Edition version will be cheaper at €399.

Taking into account how European prices already include VAT tax, those prices roughly convert to $587 and $469 respectively. Without tax, those prices would roughly — and we stress roughly — work out at $500 and $400, thus tracking with the rumored prices for the PS5 and its digital counterpart that we’ve seen so far. 

But there’s a problem here: the listed prices could very well be placeholders. The clue is that all the peripherals are priced the same. The DualSense controller has a price of €49.90 as do the Pulse 3D headphones and the media controller. 

Now unless there’s some quirk in Sony’s peripheral pricing, we very much doubt a pair of proprietary headphones will cost the same as a charging dock for the DualSense controller. As such, it would look like Sony has yet to tell retailers the price of the PS5 and its peripherals leaving them to take an educated guess. 

From our perspective, €499 for the PS5, which converts to £450 in the U.K., seems to track with what we’d expect the PS5 to cost. Sony’s next-generation console is expected to be more expensive than the Xbox Series X — $500 compared to $400 according to some predictions — as the Japanese company will likely aim to make a profit from its hardware. 

Microsoft, meanwhile, seems more focused on building out its Xbox ecosystem than making money on hardware sales. We’ve yet to hear any official pricing for the Xbox Series X either, though it will may undercut the PS5

With both consoles due for a release over the holiday season, it shouldn’t be too long before Sony and Microsoft reveal prices for the PS5 and Xbox Seires X. It’s just a case of which one blinks first

Roland Moore-Colyer

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  • Blight0r
    Erm - No thats in line with European pricing for the PS4 7 years ago!!!

    The PS4 was also 399 euro on release, and 399 USD on release

    Converting that straight up to USD isn't how they price games in different markets (And you are wrong anyway, converted its 470). If true for European pricing, I would suggest that the PS4 will be anywhere between 449 and 399 USD, which is in line with the low end price estimates.

    That represents a very VERY good deal and actually represent a cheaper product than the PS4 when you take into account for inflation.
  • MKush
    Every article and comments I've read on social media: YAY! I can afford the PS5!
    Tom's Guide: It won't be cheap.

    Looks like writing articles for Tom's guide is not a really well paid job.