PS5 and Xbox Series X price reveal looks imminent — what to expect

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The Xbox Series X and PS5’s prices may be revealed this month, according to a new tip making the rounds online.

That's according to Imran Khan of Kinda Funny Games, and previous editor of Game Informer (via DualShockers and TechRadar), who spoke about alleged upcoming reveal events for Sony and Microsoft.

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“Both have shows this month. From what I’ve heard, both have to talk about hardware this month – in terms of pricing, availability” said Khan.

You can see the quote in context in the below video, at around 56 minutes and 40 seconds into the show. Later he predicts the price of the PS5 will be fairly high, at around the $450 mark. Xbox would then look to undercut this, potentially with the Xbox Series S, a.k.a. Project Lockheart, the cheaper variant of the Series X.

Khan also claims there will be more software news incoming from both companies, although that may not happen at the same time as these events. The games sound like they're going to be a big deal, with Khan describing them as the ”I can’t believe they are revealing that here” type of announcements.

He also singles out Sony as having a particularly interesting show, since it's holding onto some big announcements. "They are holding onto some things that I’m like really surprised they are holding onto and I wouldn’t be shocked if they showed them soon."

Sony just announced its next State of Play event will happen on August 6, but we're less inclined to believe that will be the day the PS5's price is revealed. Sony's done its best to make us think this event will be focused on gaming, saying "There won’t be any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates either" in the blog post announcing the SoP. Microsoft are doing monthly announcements for the Series X, so we can expect its announcements will follow soon after Sony's, but there's no specific date yet.

As for the consoles' prices themselves, there will be a small variance for each. The PS5 comes in standard and Digital editions. The Digital Edition won't have a Blu-Ray disc drive, but will be cheaper to purchase. The Xbox Series X doesn't have multiple editions as far as we know, although as we mentioned before, the Xbox Series S could be Microsoft's offering for cheaper next-gen gaming.

Both consoles will share features such as ray-tracing graphics, SSD storage and AMD-powered processors. However the two consoles then diverge. The Xbox will offer greater graphical processing power and a Smart Delivery feature to allow a user to buy a game once and play it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. The PS5 however will offer a unique haptic feedback controller in the form of the DualSense, and 3D audio. 

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