PS5 news: weird new PlayStation 5 motion controller plans leaked

PS5 PlayStation Move
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Although Sony's PS5 plans have yet to be officially unveiled, we've seen enough leaks around the new console to feel comfortable the PlayStation 5 will hit shelves with some variation on the DualShock 5. 

The familiar DualShock controller hasn't changed all that much since its first iteration in 1997, but in 2010, Sony introduced its first motion controller: the PlayStation Move (above). It initially struggled to gain a following, but proved a perfect companion to the PSVR. Now, a new leak shows plans are afoot for a new PS5 motion controller, which could give us a hint as to Sony's designs for PSVR 2.

News outlet 91mobiles discovered a patent published on WIPO and filed by Sony, detailing plans for a brand new motion controller. The controller is designed to be worn with a strap over the hand, with finger-tracking motion sensors on the grip and a trigger button for the forefinger. Check out the design below:

PSVR2 PS5 controller

The controller as it appears on the WIPO document (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The Playstation Move's colored bubbles could have had their day, as Sony's design looks to be a much less flashy controller. It's easy to see how the trigger function would apply to shooting, but the finger sensors are an interesting choice. 

If the controller is strapped onto the hands anyway, the sensors could be able to detect when the controller is being gripped and when it is not, allowing for fine motor control for a VR character's individual fingers. Imagine turning your controller sideways and using the individual finger sensors to crack a code on a keyboard, or distinguish between open-hand chops and closed fists in a fighting game. 

Of course, just because a patent has been filed does not mean Sony is bound to release a controller incorporating this technology, but it's cool to see how Sony is already thinking about approaching next-generation VR.


(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

On the other hand, Microsoft is not focusing on VR at the moment. In an interview with Stevivor, head of Xbox Phil Spencer admits VR is "kind of isolating" and something "nobody is asking for right now". 

Are you hotly anticipating the advent of next-generation VR, or are you siding with Spencer and uninterested in picking up a headset? Either way, it remains to be seen how heavily Sony has invested in making VR a part of its PS5 strategy – and whether these new controllers will have anything to do with it. 

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