PS5 desperation has now led us to riddles over specs

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There have been multiple PS5 rumors concerning its performance. We've heard it'll be far behind the Xbox Series X, but we've also heard that it will be far ahead instead. A new rumor says something a little different, and does so through a cute picture of a dove.

Below, you will see an image of a bird carrying a letter addressed to Mark Cerny, lead designer of the PS5, with a strange caption written mostly in "coo" noises. You're probably quite confused, but let us explain.

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(Image credit: NeoGaf)

This post on NeoGaf made by verified game dev o'dium may look like kind some of troll post, but other dedicated members of the forum decoded the message to find out the secret meaning. This message revealed that the PS5 will be come with a 11.06 teraflop GPU with 52 compute units at a frequency of 1743 MHz.

Compared to the Xbox Series X's promised 12 teraflop GPU, the PS5 loses but not by too much. Since there's no official announcement yet, it's possible that Sony could make up this roughly 1 teraflop gap before it has to reveal everything to eager fans around the world. 

What we do know about the PS5 is that it will continue Sony's focus on singe-player content, we'll finally hear Sony announce the console's specs and features between now and summer, and that it will likely hit the shelves in November. Since Xbox has already told us a lot about the Series X, and will tell us even more during some live streamed events next week, it's about time Sony told us something.

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