PS5 could make trophies a lot more important — here's how

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The PS5 might take the trophies we collect in games, and make them actually worth more than just bragging rights. These trophies could actually unlock bonus perks, such as content you'd normally pay for. 

Our sister site GamesRadar noticed a small detail in last week's PS5 user experience preview video that tips Sony's hand. Specifically, they saw fine print in the trophies for Destruction AllStars that points to unlockable rewards for your PSN profile.

As you'll see in the below photos, the "Rookie" and "Wreckognized" trophies for the game Destruction AllStars have fine print that references a Profile Banner (for Rookie) and a Profile Avatar (for Wreckognized). Neither one seems to be unlocked yet, as their art is a trophy-with-lock icon.

Rare and hidden PSN account profile photos and profile artwork seem like a great way (at least in my opinion) to make trophies more than just a badge of honor. These days, people will pay extra for new themes, and I'd rather game in a world where good performance is also a valid currency. 

PS5 UI Trophies

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While unlockables tied to trophies aren't exactly 100% new (GR points out there's a Bloodborne theme tied to that game's Platinum Trophy), this looks like the PS5 is building more trophy-based perks into the way we game. Or at least that's the case if this is baked right into the user interface.

I imagine I might have done more in The Last of Us Part 2 had I known that I could unlock more items for my account, rather than simply raising my number of trophies against my friends online. I know folks that love to brag about their trophies, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply to everyone.

Check out the full PS5 UI video below, if you haven't watched it yet. You'll be impressed by how it looks so much more modern than the PS4 interface.

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