PS4 losing another feature next month as Sony focuses on PS5

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Next month the Communities feature of the PS4 will be removed via an official console update, Sony has announced. 

With the PS5 now in living rooms around the world, it’s hardly surprising that Sony isn’t actively supporting its last-gen console with new features. But we’re a little shocked it’s already removing what was a flagship feature. 

The news comes by way of Siliconera, who picked up an email Sony has sent to PS4 owners. It confirmed that in April, the ability to create, join and participate in PlayStation Communities will be removed from the console. 

This isn't a huge surprise for those that follow PlayStation closely. Sony did discontinue the PlayStation Communities mobile app in March last year, plus the patch notes of the latest update beta made mention of the feature being removed. 

Communities are not a part of the PS5 interface which would further suggest that the feature wasn’t used by most PS4 players. It does sadly mean that, with this removal, any tight-knit communities will need to find a new place to congregate. 

This isn’t the only PS4 feature that is soon to be removed. Earlier this month it was confirmed that users will no longer be able to rent or purchase movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store on either PS4 or PS5. 

This won’t come into effect until August 31 however, and any movies or shows previously purchased before this date will still be available to watch even beyond the removal from the store for purchase. 

Despite these announcements, Sony is certainly not planning on fully dropping PS4 support anytime soon. Plenty of major titles including Horizon: Forbidden West and Resident Evil 8: Village will be releasing on the last-gen system this year. 

However, it’s clear that the company’s focus is now shifted to the PS5, and the PS4 is entering its twilight years. There is the potential that more features will be sunsetted in the coming months. 

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Rory Mellon
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