Xbox Series X update will boost download speeds — here’s how

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Users taking part in the latest Xbox software beta have spotted a new button on the Xbox Series X UI, one that will help speed up the console’s ability to download games, apps, and updates. 

The button, labeled “suspend my game,” has appeared at the top of the Series X download queue tab. This function seemingly aims to resolve the frustrating problem of downloads significantly slowing down when a game is suspended.

This new suspend button allows downloads to progress at full speed while still allowing you to tap into the Xbox Series X's Quick Resume feature, which enables players to rapidly resume games from where you left off.

In the past in order to get the fastest download speeds you’ve had to manually ensure that any game or app was fully closed, rather than just suspended. This issue was only compounded by the Xbox Series X introducing the Quick Resume feature, which allows you to suspend up to three games at once.

It was previously confirmed by former Xbox exec Mike Ybarra that an Xbox console would automatically balance download speeds with ping levels when a user was playing a multiplayer game to ensure a smooth playing experience.

However, some users complained that download speeds were too heavily curtailed, being reduced to crawl in some cases. But the suspend my game feature looks to negate this and unlock the full power of the Xbox Series X even when games are suspended.  

At the minute the feature isn’t available to all Xbox owners and can only be accessed by those in the Xbox Insider scheme. We assume it will roll out to all users in the next UI update once it’s been fully tested, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

For some gamers, slow download speeds are the least of their Xbox Series X concerns, as they can’t even get hold of the console itself. Fortunately, we have a guide on where to buy an Xbox Series X with the latest stock information to help you get hold of Microsoft’s next-gen machine. 

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