OnePlus 12 benchmark score revealed — it beats iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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The OnePlus 12 is due to be unveiled in China next week, though it seems like OnePlus can’t contain itself for much longer. The company is known for drip-feeding the community details about upcoming products, but the past week has taken that to a new extreme. The latest example is OnePlus revealing the AnTuTuu benchmark score for the upcoming phone.

The phone tested was equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, 1TB of storage and an insane 24GB of RAM — suggesting the rumors of this configuration were indeed true. It’s no surprise that it managed to score the highest AnTuTu score so far, with a score of 2,333,033 points.

That breaks down to 533,566 points for CPU testing, 904,961 for the GPU, 538,511 in the memory (RAM) test and 355,995 for UX. Of course we haven’t had a chance to do any testing with the OnePlus 12 ourselves, and we can’t say anything definitive about these scores before we do. 

Eating iPhones for breakfast

Those numbers don’t mean much on their own. So it helps to know that the iPhone 15 Pro Max scored 1,516,730 at AnTuTu, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra came out with a score of 1,530,695 and the OnePlus 11 scored 1,416,461. So the fact the OnePlus 12 apparently scored over 2 million is a pretty incredible feat.

The 24GB of RAM will likely play their part here, but so should the new enhancements on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. We’ve already seen the impressive scores the new chipset can muster on the Qualcomm Reference Design phone — and this only featured 16GB of RAM.

GSMArena notes that the OnePlus 12 also features a larger vapor cooling heat management system. This would give it an added advantage during benchmarking tests and other high-performance situations. 

OnePlus also confirmed that the OnePlus 12 will feature some level of water resistance, and has shown off a video of its performance in wet conditions compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. It still isn’t clear whether it will have an official IP rating or not. 

No doubt we’ll be getting an answer to that question, and a bunch more information, after the OnePlus 12’s Chinese launch on December 5. A global launch is expected sometime in January, with OnePlus set to confirm details on December 15.

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