Samsung Galaxy S22 is finally getting a long-overdue update - what you need to know

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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S22 have been waiting for the One UI 6 update for a while, and it seems that the wait is over. An X user going by @theonecid has claimed that the US has started to see the rollout of the update for specific carriers.

So far the update has appeared on T-Mobile only, with some stating that the update seems to be dependent on several factors. One UI 6 update began appearing on S22 phones at around mid-November in the UK. This was shortly after Samsung ended its beta program with the S22 receiving four beta versions of the One UI 6 before the stable build was released. This was less than the nine that were beta tested on the Samsung Galaxy S23

The One UI 6 update isn’t a massive change, but it does offer several quality-of-life improvements. For instance, the Weather app has seen a marked drop in pop-up ads. The emoji and font options have also seen improvement. Time will tell if these designs will be better received than the original emojis on offer. 

The quick settings have also seen an improvement with the menus being easier to understand and navigate. This is also the case with the addition of a new camera widget. This will allow users to choose between the selfie camera, the primary rear sensor, and any available modes with ease. 

Finally, the update brings more Chromecast support in the form of screen sharing. There were some known bugs in the feature during the beta, but that has apparently been solved and the function is easier to use now. 

These additions will help to make using the phone's features easier, as well as improve the general user experience. However, the reception of the update is still dependent on how quickly One UI 6 can be rolled out to the older models. 

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