Nothing Phone (2) software support confirmed — and it’s good news

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We’re still waiting on some details about the upcoming Nothing Phone (2), expected to arrive later this year. But the phone maker confirmed one feature surrounding the handset — just how much software support you can expect for the Nothing Phone (2).

Most people don’t think about software support, but that’s something that really matters. From vulnerabilities in the code, to new security protocols being implemented, the software in our smartphones sees continual updates. 

Those who end up buying the Nothing Phone (2) will be pleased that the company posted on Twitter to commit to three years of Android updates, along with four years of security updates. That’s better than the warranty you’d typically get with most new cars nowadays when they’re driven off the lot. But of course, it simply means Nothing Phone (2) owners can sleep at night knowing they won’t be left in the dust.

All phones eventually stop being supported, whether it’s shorter or longer than what Nothing has pledged for its upcoming flagship. Considering how Google updates Android yearly (like all the new stuff along the ride with Android 14), it’s nice knowing that new features in those software updates will be coming to the Nothing Phone (2). Remember all the hoopla with the iPhone’s zero-day vulnerability last fall? That’s the kind of thing that these software updates aim to prevent.

This all makes for a slightly compelling reason to snag the phone when it comes out, especially with rumors suggesting the Nothing Phone (2) will cost around $500. Even if prospective owners do end up holding onto the phone for four years, it’s just icing on the cake that security flaws will be addressed through updates.

Nothing’s pledge is actually in line with other Android makers, including Google which offers three years of Android updates for its Pixel phones, along with five years of security support. Samsung goes even further with its flagships and midrange Galaxy A models — you get four years of Android updates to go with five years of security support. Still, at least the Nothing Phone (2) will be in the same ballpark.

Now that this piece of information is out, the only thing left is an official announcement for the phone’s release and other details about the Nothing Phone (2). The device is rumored to feature a 120Hz adaptive AMOLED display, a 5,000 mAh battery, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a Snapdragon 8 series chipset that’s yet to be announced.

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