Nintendo Switch Lite is back in stock — get it before it's too late

Nintendo Switch Lite deal
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Update: It appears Dell may have already sold out of stock. Searches for "Nintendo Switch Lite" no longer land on the Switch Lite product page. QVC has it in stock with Crash Bandicoot and accessories for $329.

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc across all aspects of life. On the tech front, it has led to a Switch shortage leaving gamers wondering where to buy the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch is still impossible to find at this moment, one retailer just got stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Currently Dell has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite in most colors. And while many third-party vendors have inflated the cost of the Switch Lite, Dell is selling it at its list price of $199.99. By comparison, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy have no Switch Lite stock at the time of this writing. 

Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray): $199 @ Dell

Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray): $199 @ Dell
The Nintendo Switch Lite is an excellent dedicated handheld with a fantastic game library. Its compact 8.2 x 3.6-inch design feels more travel-friendly than the standard 9.4 x 4-inch Switch. The hard-to-find handheld is now in stock at Dell and selling at list price.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow): $199 @ Dell

Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow): $199 @ Dell
Dell has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite in Yellow. It's selling at list price for $199.99.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise): $199 @ Dell

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise): $199 @ Dell
Dell has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite in Turquoise. It's selling at list price for $199.99.

The Switch Lite features a sleek, unibody design, fully integrated controls, and a built-in +Control Pad. With its compact and cute 8.2 x 3.6-inch design, the Switch Lite is more pocket-friendly than the standard Nintendo Switch, which measures 9.4 x 4-inches.

In our Nintendo Switch Lite review, we were impressed with its comfortable design, portability, and good battery life, which lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes. Combined with its stellar game library, it won a Tom's Guide Editor's Choice award. 

The current Nintendo Switch shortage means this deal could sell out rapidly, so don't hesitate to grab one of these handhelds while you still can.

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