Xbox Series X could be getting another Halo game

Xbox Series X could get another Halo game
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It seems that a new chapter in the Halo universe is already in development for Xbox Series X, taking the seires beyond Halo Infinite

That's going by a recent posting on Microsoft's careers website, where Halo developer 343 Industries is looking for a producer to "help develop a new project in the Halo universe. " Microsoft didn't detail what kind of game this new Halo project would be. Apart from shooters, the Halo universe does include two Halo Wars real-time strategy games, so this could be the third entry in that series. 

What we do know is that this game will not be a simple 2D platformer. The job posting specifically is looking for someone with experience in making AAA games for modern hardware. Other than that, information is slim. But according to VG24/7 report from November, two Halo projects are in development. 

The rumors follow a round of now-deleted tweets. It suggested that the upcoming Halo Infinite would not be one whole game, but a title split into four episodes. Not only that, the rumor also suggested that a free Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode would also be released in 2021. Considering these were fleeting rumors on Twitter, it might be best to take these with a grain of salt. 

Halo Infinite was supposed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X. But after a tepid reception to its launch announcement in July of 2020, it was delayed. This was down to pressures developing under the COVID-19 pandemic and 343 Industries' desire to add further polish to the next Halo game. 

Halo Infinite is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021. As for this unannounced Halo title, it could be years away. Stay tuned on Tom's Guide for more Halo news as it happens, as well as everything Xbox Series X related. 

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