Xbox Series X restock disaster — Microsoft reveals when shortage will subside

Where to buy Xbox Series X
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Finding where to buy the Xbox Series X isn’t going to get any easier for a while, as stock shortages will continue “at least through June,” according to Microsoft.

Mike Spencer, head of investor relations at Microsoft, shared the news in an interview with The New York Times, along with the fact that the company had sold all of the Xbox units it had last quarter. So don't expect to see a lot of Xbox Series X stock until the summer.

Microsoft has previously addressed the issue when Amy Hood, the company's CFO, confirmed that future sales of the next-gen console will likely "still be constrained by supply" through the end of this quarter.

It doesn't get much better since AMD, the company producing both the CPU and GPU for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, is also experiencing chip shortages that are expected to continue until the middle of the year. 

Unfortunately, getting your hands on either of Microsoft's next-gen consoles is hard enough as it is. Ever since the consoles have hit the shelves back in November, thousands of scalpers (and bots) have been continuously trying to snap up the new Xbox consoles as soon as fresh stock becomes available.  

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic hasn't made the situation any easier. With many of us stuck at home under various lockdowns wondering where to buy PS5 and/or Xbox Series X, it's no wonder why all online retailers sell out of consoles within minutes of restocking. 

While it's not entirely clear whether the situation is going to get any better after summer, if you're still eager to get an Xbox Series X, make sure to follow our favorite stock checking Twitter accounts for more restock updates.

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