Banish in-bed sweats with this cooling mattress pad system at CES 2022

The Sleepme Dock Pro and Chilipad Pro placed on a wooden table in front of a bed where two people sleep
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Overheating in bed and sweating at night can swiftly derail your sleep, leading to broken slumber and a fatigued you the next day. Sleepme, parent company of ChiliSleep, has unveiled its latest solution at CES 2022: the Dock Pro sleep system with cooling mattress pad.

The machine-washable pad, named the Chilipad Pro, is powered with Hydrolayer Technology to provide a cooler sleep experience. It will be offered in queen, king and Cal king sizes, and each size will have a ME version (for single sleepers, covering one side of the bed) and a WE version (a dual-zone design for two, covering the whole bed).

The Dock Pro uses a patent-pending cooling system, which Sleepme says has ‘nearly double the cooling power’ of its previous systems. Five times the cooling power, in fact, thanks to the Chilipad Pro’s increased temperature-regulating surface and Breathable Cool Mesh layer.

Image shows the Sleepme Dock Pro sleep system with Insight sleep tracker, unveiled at CES 2022

(Image credit: Sleepme)

There’s dual-zone cooling and heating on offer here too – the Dock Pro’s temperature range is 55-115°F (13-46°C) – and as the system is WI-FI enabled, you can control its sleep schedules and temperature on your way home.

Many of the best mattress brands are tackling the issue of sleeping hot, but Sleepme’s solution looks set to take custom cooling to the next level. Here’s what you need to know…

Sleepme Dock Pro: Price and features

The new Dock Pro sleep system is bundled with Sleepme’s Insight sleep tracker, plus 12-months of sleepme+ membership, for a starting price of $1,299 at Sleepme. The estimated shipping month is March.

The tubeless Chilipad Pro, designed with a hydrolayer membrane, is much slimmer than a mattress topper and stretches to fit mattresses between eight to 18 inches deep. The circulation and cooling is controlled by a separate unit, containing a 600ml water reservoir, that sits underneath or next to your bed.

Fans of the Eight Sleep Pod heating and cooling mattress (priced from $2,295 at Eight Sleep) will be familiar with this approach, but the Sleepme Dock Pro’s best feature is automatic temperature manipulation.

A person uses the Sleepme+ app with the Sleepme Dock Pro sleep system to control the temperature of their bed

(Image credit: Sleepme)

When paired with sleepme+ (an app-based digital sleep coach), the brand’s AI will automatically change your bed’s temperature based on your near-real time sleep data so that its optimized for you.

Worried about noise output? Sleepme says that the Dock Pro is quieter than previous models, at around 41-46 decibels.

The Sleepme+ service enables you to pair the Dock Pro with the brand’s under-the-mattress sleep tracker (the Insight) that monitors your stages of sleep and how long you snooze for. The device also measures heart rate, breathing rate, and bed temperature among other metrics. 

The app is also home to various sleep health articles, with the brand promising personalized sleep training guides and resources based on your unique snooze data. You’ll also get a daily sleep report, with suggestions on how you can sleep better and prepare for bedtime.

The new Sleepme Dock Pro and Chilipad Pro bundle is available now, priced from $1,299 at Sleepme, and comes with a 30-night trial. That price includes a 12-month Sleepme+ subscription (normally $18 a month) and Insight tracker.

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