New on Netflix: 5 movies and shows to watch this week (Jan. 15-21)

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The weather may be chilly, but this week's new on Netflix shows and movies are hot. We're back again with another serving of what's hitting the platform this week. 

One major standout is "Love on the Spectrum U.S." season 2, which sees new and returning eligible singles, all on the neurodivergent spectrum as the title implies, looking to find their perfect partner or explore the relationships they're currently in. 

There's also "Maboroshi," a dazzling anime film animated by MAPPA ("Jujutsu Kaisen," "Chainsaw Man") following a student whose life is dreary and ordinary as he ekes out an existence that never seems to change. When he and a fellow student discover a feral girl right in their town, their lives are upended in a drastic way. 

Want even more options for this week? You can browse our complete day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix this week below. 

New on Netflix this week: Top picks


Masamune Kikuiri (Junya Enoki) 's life in a town trapped by an inexplicable explosion at the local steelworks is anything but ordinary. Bound by rules that forbid change, the townspeople lead dreary lives, longing for a return to normalcy. But everything changes when Masamune and his mysterious classmate Atsumi Sagami (Reina Ueda) discover a feral, speechless girl in the ruins of the steelworks. This chance encounter triggers a series of events that unravel the fabric of their stagnant world.

Watch on Netflix starting Jan. 15

'End of the Line'

End of the Line

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Sandra (Roberta Rodrigues) and Ivan's (Rodrigo Sant'anna) unconventional story unfolds in this comedic exploration of life after divorce. After their split, this former couple finds themselves sharing the same roof, navigating the ins and outs of daily life side by side. Their circumstances are further complicated by their professions as drivers, with Sandra in a city bus and Ivan in a van. It's dubious if the pair will get along while trying to juggle their careers, but they've got to for the sake of their livelihoods. 

Watch on Netflix starting Jan. 17

'Love on the Spectrum US' season 2

In this Emmy award-winning docuseries, autistic and neurodivergent individuals on the spectrum seek love in their own unique ways. The first season's stars will be making a return as they continue on their search for the perfect partner. Familiar faces like Abbey, James, and Dani will be on board to seek out their best shot at love, while new faces will also take their turn at finding a match who truly gets them. 

Watch on Netflix starting Jan. 19

'Sixty Minutes'

Octavio (Emilio Sakraya) is a fighter faced with the ultimate dilemma: attend his daughter's birthday party or lose her forever. When Octavio chooses family over fighting, he inadvertently sets off a chain reaction, putting him in the crosshairs of a gang of criminals. With only an hour to reach his daughter, every second counts. 

Watch on Netflix starting Jan. 19

'Captivating the King'

Lee In (Cho Jung-Seok) is a prince bound by loyalty and torn by betrayal. When he finds himself held hostage during the Qing Dynasty, only to face his brother's growing resentment and accusations of treason, he spirals. However, he soon ascends to the throne and crosses paths with the enigmatic baduk player Kang Hee-Soo (Shin Se-Kyung), who isn't all that she seems — she could be a spy, and King Lee In could be falling in love with her.

Watch on Netflix starting Jan. 20

Society of the Snow

Everything new on Netflix: Jan. 15-21


CoComelon: Season 9

Holey Moley: Seasons 3-4

maboroshi (JP) — Netflix Anime
A factory explosion plunges a small town into a timeless freeze, leaving 14-year-old Masamune and his pals to grapple with a quickly collapsing reality.

MTV Floribama Shore: Season 2


Cats (2019)


End of the Line (BR) — Netflix Series
Ivan, a clandestine van driver, navigates the end of his marriage and daily challenges with humor in this quirky comedy series featuring a live audience.



Rachid Badouri: Les fleurs du tapis (CA) — Netflix Comedy
The charismatic Quebecois comedian gets real on everything from meeting a racist fan to letting success go to his head in this candid stand-up special.


Love is Blind: Sweden — Netflix Series (new episodes)
The unique dating experiment lands in Sweden as local singles seek true love and propose marriage — all before seeing each other in person.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. : Season 2 — Netflix Series
Single people with autism — including new romantic hopefuls and familiar faces — search for the perfect partner in this dating docuseries.

Mi soledad tiene alas (ES) — Netflix Film
With his estranged father's return, Dan's inner demons resurface, triggering a downward spiral. Can love save him from a tragic destiny?

Sixty Minutes (DE) — Netflix Film
Desperate not to lose custody, a mixed martial arts fighter makes dangerous enemies when he ditches a matchup to race to his daughter's birthday party.


Captivating the King (KR) — Netflix Series
Captivating the King draws the cruel love story between King Lee In, who is in danger of both royal and political power struggles, and Kang Hee Soo, who tries to seduce the King and get revenge, but gets seduced instead

The Real World: Season 16

Leaving Netflix This Week

Leaving 1/19/23
The Real World: Season 28

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