New iPhone 11 Video Shows Prototype From Every Angle

iPhone 11 design
(Image credit: MobileFun)

We're likely two months away from Apple revealing the iPhone 11 family. Yet, by the way the rumor cycle has gone, there might not be anything left for Tim Cook to pull the covers off come September.

Accessories retailer Mobile Fun says it's gotten its hands on a trio of iPhone 11 mockups reportedly constructed for case development purposes. While we can't comment on the authenticity of that explanation, the design of the non-functioning prototypes does look accurate to everything we've heard and seen to date. It also comes a few days after YouTuber Marques Brownlee got his hands on similar-looking models of his own.

It's all there: that eyesore of a rectangular camera bump, the proportional similarities to the current iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, as well as the presence of what looks to be a Lightning port on the bottom edge, despite some early rumors pointing to a switch to USB Type-C for the upcoming generation.

It's hard to suss out changes at the front, given that these are dummy devices without working screens. However, there's nothing here to suggest that much will be changed. The iPhone 11 line will likely parrot the basic design of the handsets before it, save for that all-new triple-lens camera system for the XS successors, and the dual-lens arrangement on the XR.

In the video, Mobile Fun reports that it's heard on good authority from representatives at "Olixar and other screen protector manufacturers" that the display sizes will be "almost, if not exactly the same" as last year's batch of iPhones. That is looking less true for iPhone 12 models for 2020, which are expected to deviate in terms of size with new 5.4- and 6.7-inch versions. For reference, the iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch panel, while the XS Max's measures 6.5 inches. The 2020 models have also been rumored to be the first to feature 5G.

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There is one oddity concerning the mockups in Mobile Fun's video. The Apple logo placement on the back of the purported XS successors is strangely low and inconsistent compared to the marking on the new XR prototype. Ordinarily, we wouldn't give too much thought to branding on a case dummy, except for the fact that many cases carve a hole out for the Apple logo, so placement in this regard is actually extremely important.

Although these models seem pretty believable given the recent swath of rumors making the rounds, we won't know for sure how legitimate they are until the iPhone 11 series is officially revealed in the fall. But you can also expect a heap of additional rumors and leaks to crop up between now and then, so stay tuned to our iPhone 11 news hub page for all the latest info.

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