Mystery Star Wars: Project Maverick game just leaked for PS4

(Image credit: PSN releases)

Star Wars: Project Maverick suddenly appeared yesterday on the PlayStation Store for PS4, and Star Wars fans are happy as you would expect. But also very surprised.

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As archived by Twitter bot account PSN releases, the Star Wars: Project Maverick game, also known as just “Maverick” in its listing, briefly appeared on the European PlayStation site. The title image, shown below, shows that without a doubt this is a Star Wars title. 

The developer of the bot account, Luciano Ciccariello, later posted the full Title ID of the game: EP0006-CUSA19053_00-MAVERICKBETA0001. The presence of the word “beta” in the ID seems like a pretty conclusive hint that there will be a demo version for players to try out, at least on PS4.

Gaming news site Gematsu had more to add, revealing via the game’s database file that the game will have a multiplayer component, but no PSVR compatibility. It also found the music file that plays when you highlight the game’s icon on the PS4 home screen, which is a muted cover of the main Star Wars theme played on strings and woodwind instruments.

This reveal has caught people off guard because nobody seems to have been expecting this game. Game journalist Jason Schreier responded on Twitter that this game is one he has previously reported on (via TechRadar). In his Kotaku article on the cancellation of a different EA-published Star Wars game, Schreier revealed the existence of “a smaller, more unusual project” in development at EA Motive, which he believes is this newly-revealed Maverick title.

The last big Star Wars game launch was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, an action RPG set between the prequel and original movie trilogies. Based on the presence of the X-Wings and Star Destroyer in the artwork, this looks to be set around the same sort of time, if not a little later.

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