Microsoft Surface Go 2 will battle iPad Air with this major upgrade

Microsoft Surface Go 2 will battle iPad Air with this major upgrade
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The Microsoft Surface Go 2 looks to be on its way, with the latest information leak pointing towards a larger display and improved performance for the small Windows 10 tablet. 

Leaked benchmarks have previously noted that the Surface Go 2 will have a performance upgrade over its predecessor by making use of more powerful Intel Core m3 and Pentium processors. Windows Central confirmed this specs boost with sources close to Microsoft's plans, but also revealed that the next Surface Go will have a larger 10.5-inch display with thinner bezels.

We’re not expecting the Surface Go 2 to be a powerhouse tablet, as Microsoft has the Surface Pro 7 and rumoured Surface Book 3 for more demanding workloads. The Surface Go is more of a companion Windows 10 machine and a neat tablet for people who aren’t fans of the iPad Air. 

But a larger display facilitated by slimmer bezels is on our wish list for the next-generation Surface Go. The original model used a 10-inch PixelSense display, which delivered punchy colours and contrast but looked a little dated as it sat between some chunky bezels. 

Also, some clever software-based accidental touch protection could allow Microsoft to opt for smaller bezels. The company was able to achieve much smaller bezels with the Microsoft Surface Pro X, so it would certainly be appreciated if some of that design trickles down into the entry-level Surface machine. 

Smaller bezels and a slightly larger display would help make the Surface Go a better pseudo laptop when used with the optional Type Cover keyboard. The Surface Go 2’s display resolution is also set to be increased from 1800 x 1200 to 1920 x 1280, which should help keep it looking sharp despite the size bump. 

Aside from the display and specs changes, it’s looking like the Surface Go 2 will be an iterative upgrade over the original tablet. The original's USB-C and USB Type-A ports, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack and Surface Connector for charging, look to return for the Surface Go 2. That’s not a bad, thing as the ability to charge over USB-C was one of the neater touches in the original Surface Go. 

We’re expecting to see the Surface Go 2 get revealed at some point in May, hopefully bringing in a solid Windows 10 rival to the iPad Air. 

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