Mando and Grogu are back exploring the galaxy in The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer

din djarin shaking hands with greef karga with grogu in the background
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The Mandalorian season 3 is heading to Disney Plus on March 1, meaning it’s time for Disney to kick the marketing into gear. That means there’s a brand new trailer to dive into, as well as a poster featuring Mando and the most adorable green alien in the galaxy.

As ever Din Djarin and Grogu are off exploring the galaxy, but rather than chasing random bounties they have found their new purpose. Din has to cleanse himself of his sins, and that means a trip to Mandalore — home planet of the Mandalorian people. Naturally things don’t look like they’ll be going smoothly.

A bunch of scenes from the trailer were originally revealed in a season 3 teaser trailer, released back in September. Though we do get to see a little bit more of what Mando is up to during his ongoing quest for redemption — and some more snippets of Grogu’s past with the Jedi order.

The Mandalorians themselves take center stage, with multiple tribes of the warrior people appearing in the trailer. We also see Mando and Grogu exploring what seem to be caves on Mandalore, which likely factors into our helmet-clad warrior’s new goal. The Armorer told him he can only atone and rejoin Mandalorian society if he ventures into the “living waters beneath the mines of Mandalore.” Since Mandalore was ravaged by the Empire, and the mines destroyed, that may be Mando’s only way down.

The mandalorian season 3

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It also sounds like Mando wants to give the Mandalorian people a new purpose. It’s said that the wielder of the ancient Darksaber could unite the Mandalorians under their leadership, something Bo Katan (Katee Sackhoff) had originally hoped to do. It could be that Din Djarin, as the blade’s latest owner, could attempt to do the same.

This trailer also features plenty of old faces that are returning for another round — including some we didn’t already know about. They include the Mandalorian Armorer (Emily Swallow), who informed Din of his need for redemption, Greef Carga (Carl Weathers), Tatooine mechanic Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris), Paz Vizla aka the Mandalorian Heavy (voiced by Jon Favreau) and Imperial cloning expert Doctor Pershing (Omid Abtahi)

The previous trailer also revealed that Bo Katan would be making another appearance, though she doesn’t appear in this latest trailer. It’s also been confirmed that Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd has been cast in an unknown role.

Mandalorian season 3 poster with mando and grogu jetpacking away from a firefight

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

There’s also a new poster, featuring Mando and Grogu at the edge of what appears to be a fairly action-packed sequence. What’s our silver-armored hero firing at? We don’t know, but we’re very interested to find out.

The Mandalorian’s third season premiere arrives on Disney Plus on March 1, and new episodes will likely be released in the following weeks. Expect to hear some more from Disney over the next six weeks which, frankly, can’t pass quickly enough.  

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